Prayer Walk

This photo from the 2018 Coffee County Prayer Walk shows citizens joining together at Kinston School asking the Lord to bless the school year.

The Coffee County Baptist WMU [Women on Mission] will host the annual Prayer Walk 2019 for all schools in Coffee County on Sunday, Aug. 25, at 4 p.m. This Prayer Walk includes Elba City Schools, Coffee County Schools – Kinston, New Brockton and Zion Chapel, all Enterprise City Schools, and Enterprise State Community College. “In the times we live in, prayer should be an essential part of our daily life and routine,” said Randle Hodge, deacon of Newbia Baptist Church. “Prayer for our schools, students, teachers, administrators should be something we include in that daily routine. No matter your denomination, we all serve one God and coming together to pray for our schools at the annual Prayer Walk is a combined effort that can only have a positive effect on our local schools.” All church denominations of are encouraged to participate as individuals join together in praying for the school leaders, teachers, and children at the school of choice. Those participating can walk around the schools praying, and some such as Elba City Schools, school administrators will open the doors to the schools to allow those participating in the Prayer Walk to walk and pray throughout the entire building. “My daughters and I are all alumni of Elba City Schools, and we participate in the Prayer Walk each year because we believe in the power of prayer, and we want our schools to be sheltered by prayer from the community,” Hodge said. “While we choose Elba City Schools to be our place of participation, we pray for the same for all the schools in this entire county. We want this school year and all to be safe and educational for all children, teachers and administrators all across Coffee County. Please, if you are a Christian, take 30 minutes out of your afternoon Sunday and go to the school of your choice and join us in praying for our schools.”

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