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Boyd Deal with his new book

Boyd Deal began a journey in May 2018 that eventually led him to publishing a book about finding hope and peace in God, but he says this book is really about giving God all glory. The Zion Chapel School graduate who lives in Ariton now, released his book, “My Struggle, His Glory – Personal Stories of Finding Hope & Peace in God” almost two months ago now. He says everything about this book has been a blessing to him. “When I started this in May 2018, I felt like God was leading me to do this,” Deal said. “I had taught Sunday School for six years, and we had a series of studies on the worst day of life [worst season of life].” He said he knew there were struggles in life, but he began to realize there were more than he ever realized. In this book, he said 40 people have shared their stories of the worst moments in their lives. That is the struggle, he said. But, every story comes back to glorify God and how He got them through that bad season. “If it was just a sad book, I would not have done it,” Deal said. Instead, he sees it as a book that shares real-life stories of struggle and how faith in God can get anyone through their struggles. “I hope this book can encourage and give hope to those who are struggling,” Deal said. “I want to let people know that God is in control. He taught me that through this process.” As he felt led to put this book together, Deal said he was trying to be obedient. Early on, he said the stories just were not working out as he thought they should. “I prayed to the Lord, ‘If you want to give me the stories [testimonies], you have to give me the people,’” he said. He did. Deal said he personally visited 150-200 people to get 40 stories that are shared in this book. “My goal with the book now is to reach as many brokenhearted people as I can,” he said. “I truly believe the testimonies in the book will be a source of encouragement for those that read it.” The biggest thing, however, is he said he wants people to know this book is not about Boyd Deal. It is about God. Deal’s own story is one of the 40 shared in the book. He said his father died when he was only 10 years old. “I talk about the struggles of growing up without a father,” he said. “I was fortunate enough though to have a lot of good people in this community to have a positive impact on my life.” Deal said his family moved to Elba when he was in the 7th or 8th grade, and he can name several community members and teachers that helped mold him and guide him in life. “This book is not only mine. It also belongs to all the other authors that shared their stories of struggles and finding hope and peace through God,” Deal said. He said there are stories of abuse, addiction, depression, divorce, sickness, and financial despair all discussed in the book, and they all have the same thing in common – hope and praise. “Even the most faithful Christian can encounter a season of sadness and depression,” Deal said. “No one is immune from facing hardships and challenges.” He said his goal with “My Struggle, His Glory” is to allow people, through their own personal hardship or loss, to be a messenger of hope, encouragement, and faith for the people that are going through difficult time now. “I want everyone to know that God is with them even when they may not feel His presence,” Deal said. “My Struggle, His Glory” can be ordered from Deal for $15 or it is available to order on Amazon for $17.99. It is compiled by Boyd Deal and edited by Jessica Ingram. Deal is a member of Ariton Baptist Church in Ariton, Ala., and he said all profits from this book will go to Second Chance Ministries, which helps disadvantaged children, especially those missing a parent. For more information, contact Boyd Deal at

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