Stripe no longer processing Trump campaign payments, Facebook, Twitter and several others cutting him off, 2022 world known golf tournament at Trump golf course cancelled, banks refusing to do business with his companies, the list goes on and on. All that sounds like the end of the political world for Donald Trump, and he will be fighting just to survive in a couple of weeks. However, political fortunes are often lost and just as quickly rebound. No one can accurately predict which will happen in this case.

Wednesday the House of Representatives is probably going to again vote for the impeachment of President Trump. Our readers will probably know the answer to that before reading this week’s column. We of course don’t approve of the events of last Wednesday, nor the comments of many politicians leading up to the disaster. However, we are wrestling with “should they or should they not” proceed with this action. There is no way the process will move fast enough to actually remove him from the White House before January 20th. Therefore, the only immediate results of an impeachment vote would be to further anger a large segment of the American public and widen the divide between the pro-Trump group and the rest of America. There may be some positive long term benefits from such an action, but no one really knows what that would be.

Four years ago we privately formed the thoughts that Donald Trump’s reign as the supreme leader of our beloved United States would spawn something akin to what we are seeing in recent weeks. It shined through in his words, words that resonated with millions of flustered American citizens and actually helped him win the presidency. Regretfully that gut feeling was correct. We were also convinced that he would put his brand on government bank accounts – borrow, borrow, borrow. That also happened but in fairness to all involved, much (or most) of that deficit spending would have happened regardless of who was president. No one could have predicted, nor stopped COVID-19, once it was recognized as the killer bug that would take thousands of lives and decimate the world’s economy.

The recent violence in Washington D.C. and to a lesser degree, across the nation, right now is all on Trump’s back with descriptions of a “dispot”, even so history will probably paint a picture of a country already experiencing tons of unrest, uncertainty about the future, and the individuals probable inability to adapt to, and survive, these unknowns. Such emotions on such a large scale only needed a single match to explode and Donald Trump turned out to be that match. However, before tomorrow’s history writers take over and mold public opinion, right now is not a good time to be a frontline Trump disciple. Just ask presidential hopefuls, Senators Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley – especially first term Josh Hawley who could actually be drummed out of office by his (former) arch supporters.

106 House Republicans backed Trump’s bid to overturn the election  . . . . . in spite of the afternoon’s Washington D.C. riot. So don’t think it is now over or will be over when Biden is sworn in on January 20th.

Remember the Tea Party of several years ago? Their support group ballooned across the nation, with followers expressing frustrations largely stemming from their own economic position. Many of those same people, now mostly marching under the QAnon banner, and/or opinions were addressed by Donald Trump in his buildup to election as president four year ago. Their group grew as more and more people, including many of the wealthy, felt the insecurity spawned by the uncertainty of the future. During the 2016 elections, openly pro-Trump supporters had great success on election day. That followed through the 2020 election. Now some of that crowd is disavowing any connection to the president in hopes of surviving the growing “Trump stigma” during future elections.

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