At least three vehicles hit deer on the 203 Bypass last week! Considerable vehicle damage was reported but apparently there were no personal injuries (except maybe a bump on the head). This was not just at night but right in open daylight. The bottom line is that for some reason the deer are taking to the Bypass (and other roads) in greater numbers right now and we should all ratchet up our alertness for a while – both at night and in the broad daylight.

We are hoping for the final report on the violence at the Texas church last weekend to clear some of our questions. Our understanding is that one man with a gun entered the facility and held all four of those inside hostage. One escaped early and then the other three escaped when the Jewish rabbi threw a chair at the man. Our impression is that this man who had just recently arrived in the US from England was yelling, etc., implying he was having mental issues. Now the big question. . . . . Why did law enforcement have to kill the man? It is our understanding he was the lone person in the facility after the four escaped so why the killing? Was he about to set the facility on fire? With our limited knowledge of the details this goes in the category of shooting a person to death because he or she is threatening to commit suicide. Then this thought – Maybe the guy was wanting the police to assist his desire to die!

The battle against COVID-19 - and its various mutations – continues and at times appears to be a losing battle. We still have faith in our medical community being able to drastically reduce the infections and/or do as they have done with things like small pox and polio which the majority of Americans - and the world – have never seen a case of these crippling diseases. All that is due to medical science developing vaccines that prevent them! We might add that when those shots were offered, us children were lined up (at school) and had a needle popped into our arm. Later the polio battle was a bit more humane when they stuck a sugar cube coated with the vaccine into the mouth of the next generation of children. Oh, and we can’t recall a single case of refusing the shot, etc. Our arm, and the arms of our childhood peers still carry the scar from the small pox shot. Our parents were so relieved that a preventative was available that they would probably have rioted if our school was skipped during either of the massive inoculation projects.

It is not enough that the national lawmakers in Washington D. C. are raising havoc with . . . everything, now the Alabama legislature is in session and who knows what will come out of Montgomery in the next weeks and months. You can safely bet your neighbor a cup of coffee that when the dust settles on how to spend the pot of gold sent down from Washington to help battle COVID you will hear howls from this corner because so many of our lawmakers appear to view the massive bag of dollars as a box of candy for them to use as they desire . . . . like maybe something that will help them get reelected regardless of it being the best use or purpose of the funds(?)

Be safe, wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands AND get the shot(s) and/or booster!

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