President Biden’s order on student athletes competing in class according to their ‘preferred’ sexual orientation is a noble jester however is just not practical in real life. Our thoughts are that most female athletics will not be able to compete physically with a person born as a male who decides to wear a dress and lipstick and use the girl’s locker room. None of that is our doing, but it is a fact that we see no way of changing, in spite of presidential proclamations.


Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is representing a group (Foundation for Moral Law) suing in federal court to prevent Alabama from enforcing the mask wearing mandate. Federal Judge Keith Watkins recently dismissed their lawsuit. However, he left the door open for them to file an amended complaint with more specifics, rather than their “shotgun pleading”. Not being an exact ‘expert’ in the law or the particular limits of “constitutional rights” we fall back on our gut feeling about methods used to battle this pandemic. We wear our mask, assuming it can prevent catching or transmitting this deadly virus and expect you (and Roy Moore) to do the same. It would be interesting to ask the members of this group a hypothetical question . . . “If they were at the beach and the red flags were flying, would they expect each of us to try to save them from the rough surf or point to the red flag and just let them drown because that waving red flag makes it illegal to enter the ocean under the extreme weather conditions?” Hopefully someone on that beach would assess the situation and realize that saving a life – a law of humanity – justified an emergency effort to help them survive. If successful the person or persons would be thanked and classified as hero and NOT law breakers – even by Roy Moore.


Last weekend we were opening a stack of mail that contained a number of subscription renewals. We sat those aside and started recording them in the receipt book. About the third one was not a check but was from a lady we enjoy getting little notes from, her warm heart comes through her writings. This time it sobered us up and the renewal notices took a back seat. Elba native Nell (nee Nellie Ruth Crocker) Zinn was writing from her home in Duncan, Oklahoma that her husband of 68 years had died of COVID-19. Husband Alvin had been in deteriorating health for some time, but it was COVID that got him. Mr. Zinn died on January 5, 2021.


COVID-19 scams are apparently popping up everywhere. These con artists lie awake at night coming up with new ways to separate good, compassionate folks from their pocketbook. There is no situation where you need to give banking information, credit cards, etc., to get the shot. We got our first COVID shot this week and filled out a one-page form that had nothing but questions about allergic reactions. Oh, we did add in our name, phone number and birth date . . . . . The first two was to follow up on any adverse reactions to the shot. We assume that last tidbit was to be sure we were in the ‘old age’ group eligible for shots this week. We expended not one penny, gave no financial information and got a big smile from the nurses in the Opp hospital after our 15-minute cautionary wait for any possible reactions to the vaccine.

Personally, we disagree with the actions of President Biden to again cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, already under construction and designed to send Canadian oil to  the Texas oil refinery complexes. This thing has been a battleground for more years than we can count. Millions, and probably billions have been spent on legal costs and now on construction. Of course there is speculation that changes in energy use will make this extra oil excess, but that is not your money nor mine they are spending so that opposing argument doesn’t hold water. Environmental arguments have been proven and then disproven – repeatedly. Do-good opponents are constantly reminded that train cars of crude oil traveling to Texas are much more hazardous to humans and the environment. Let the thing move forward, give thousands of workers a job and – well the list goes on and on. As an afterthought, if it is actually permanently stopped, someone is probably going to be sued for the billions already spent in good faith. That smells like the American taxpayers pocketbook!

 Be Safe -wear your mask, social distance, take your shots and wash your hands - again!

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