The Texas preacher killed with his own gun Sunday is a prime example of how things can go wrong, in spite of your determination. We often remind folks carrying a gun to ‘be careful’ someone doesn’t take it away from you and use it on you. It often prompts a laugh . . . but not today from the members of that Texas church. The man charged with killing the preacher reportedly took it away from the him as the preacher discovered the man hiding in a church restroom and with a church bank bag in his possession. Now we don’t think the preacher did anything wrong . . .  except letting the thug catch him off guard and take his weapon.

We are writing this on Tuesday morning while Georgia voters are returning to the polls to settle run-off races in two U. S. Senate races. The millions of dollars spent on this would have fed a whole bunch of hungry people in America and around the world. However, supporters of each side in this race felt strongly enough of the outcome that they continued to pump millions into the race, right on up to (and including) election day. Odds are that no one will know for days – or weeks – after the polls close tonight exactly if the Democrats take over either of the two offices or if the Republicans hold on to one of both of the Senate seats. The outcome will surely determine the direction of the Senate and ultimately the entire President Biden political agenda for the next few years. Counting the early voting ballots, doing re-counts (as was done in Georgia for the presidential race of November 2020), and maybe some lawsuits could drag this matter out for a month or more. Even then you can expect claims and counterclaims will dominate the national news even longer.

COVID-19 continues to ravage the world and especially the United States. The US is often “first” in many categories but leading the world in COVID cases – and deaths – is not one Americans asked for, yet in the statistics column this great country won anyway. In spite of news of several vaccines being approved for the general public, politics, red tape, and just simple logistics are slowing the act of getting those shots into our arms. Of course there are those who are actually declining the vaccines when they are offered! We were shocked to read that an alarming number of medical professionals – those on the front lines of the battle - are declining the shots. There are two real problems with that position. One is that they are definitely a threat of becoming the next victim. Second, with their increased chance of catching the bug they increase the threat of the virus being spread to others. 

Personally, we have had at least a half dozen close relatives who tested positive for COVID-19. Most of those cases have been classified as mild, but a couple were (are) serious. A niece was a medical miracle when she was an early survivor. Right now, an 80-year-old sister is nearing the end of her second week sleeping in a Georgia hospital bed hooked up to all kinds of machines as she battles a full blown case of COVID-19. How she got it? It is a puzzle to all, as she only left home to go to her doctor and maybe visit the druggist to pick up her meds, fully masked, etc. Her underlying health issues probably played a large part in her contracting the virus and her ultimate hospital confinement.

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