Senator Mitch McConnell has reportedly said he is not firmly committed to a pre-election vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U. S. Supreme Court prior to the November election. As a Republican normally agreeing with President Trump, it is our uninformed opinion that he is saying he is waiting to see which way the political winds are blowing as the election date gets closer. Then if he feels he has the votes, and/or it serves President Trump’s re-election efforts, Americans will have a new Supreme Court Justice before election day. Otherwise, the public will hear things about “proving we are not pushing things down the public’s throat,” “there is plenty of time after the election,” etc. Again, our uninformed thoughts are that probably Trump has gotten any boost he was going to get just by announcing his nominee.

The New York Times was reporting this past weekend that President Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes in both 2016 and 2017. The news article also noted Trump paid no federal income taxes in ten of the last fifteen years. They did confirm his comments about an “IRS audit”, speculating it could cost him up to $100 million in back taxes if things don’t go his way. A lot of Americans would gladly swap tax returns with him! Of course, with all his far-flung business ventures, it would be awful hard for anyone to compare one of Trump’s tax returns with the guy down the street whose sole income is a weekly paycheck.

A federal judge has ruled that the Census Bureau can’t shut down the national head counting a month early as they had recently announced. That gives all states, especially us slow acting Alabama folks, time to add more people to the official count. In that vein, we urge our readers to be sure to get counted, it is a benefit to you, your extended family and your neighbors.

The second, and final, mayoral forum of 2020 was held last Thursday evening. We were impressed by each candidate’s performance, and maybe more pointedly, their attitude. Of course, they each were ready with facts and figures for the six questions, but throughout the forum both candidates showed maturity with their references to comments by their opponent. On more than one occasion both Tim and Tom gestured to the other and said, “I agree with _ _ _”. That takes confidence and maturity in such head-to-head election forums. Our national politicians should take lessons from these Elba folks.

If you live and vote in Elba, please remember to vote in the mayoral run-off next Tuesday.

The coronavirus death toll in the United States is now roughly equal to the population of Akron, Ohio, or nearly two and a half times the number of U.S. service members who died in battle in the Vietnam and Korean Wars combined, and about 800 people are still dying daily.

Very successful book author Winston Groom of Fairhope, Alabama died recently. He was first a historian and was a very successful writer, spitting out best sellers, nominated for Pulitzer Prize, etc. Then he wrote a war novel - Forrest Gump - that put him on the map everywhere when it was adapted to movie screen in 1994. Even as a novel, it had awesome realism - he was an infantryman in Vietnam so knew war from ground level. Last weekend we decided to honor his life, and death, by re-reading at least one of his books. Reaching into our bookcase, the first one we picked up was “Allies” about Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin and their WWII efforts that won that war. It is factual and good reading, even the second time around.

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