Monday night we got a very rare craving for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It has been years since we ate one of those. However, we do know a cure for that rare but strong craving. Thus, we proceeded to get out the bread, the jar of PB and of course an equally fresh jar of jelly. After combining the ingredients and pouring a glass of cold milk – we sat down in our easy chair and quickly calmed the ‘wants’! The book we are presently reading deals with former President Thomas Jefferson and his strong, but often confusing, morals and principals. Even though we have found no mention in the book of his support of PB and J sandwiches, we pondered it for a while but decided ole Tom would have approved.

There has been very little college football banner since Saturday’s game results. With Alabama and Auburn both going down in defeat, neither can harass the other. Of course, Troy fans will try to convince all who will listen that they are ‘too nice’ for such things . . . but believe that only if you want to! Our take on the way things unfolded is there is nothing wrong with a team losing a game everyone thought they would win. In fact, we go further and say it would not be good for the sport if any one team ALWAYS won. That would take the suspense out of the game and the young men and women participating would have no desire nor motivation to take the field against such a team. Having written all that we might add, “Wait until next week (or next year).”

Now the Elba Interim Police Chief has turned in his resignation, and Friday is his last day. A second officer has also resigned. Both are going to work with the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department. By our count this leaves the Elba department with five certified officers to cover the town 24 hours a day, seven days a week (if none are sick)! Our reasoning is that gives each of them a long work week and lots of ‘one person on call’ hours.

More on our eating. Sunday we were a dinner guest at daughter Michele’s in Andalusia. While we were absorbed in a delicious meal she dropped a book on the table and announced the title and that the receipt for our meal came from that book. Well, the title was something about ‘Diet Food for the Brain’.  OK, but pass me some more of that salad. After getting home, again sitting in the easy chair, our brain lit up! Was she hinting something about our brain needing a magical boost that was available only from that book? Don’t know, but she will have to be more specific the next time she wants us to rev up our brain.

Be safe, wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands AND get the shots (plus the booster when available)!

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