What does comity mean in politics? Well it has one meaning in law and a bit different in politics. In the latter it means ‘courtesy and considerate behavior towards others’. The example on Google is “a show of public comity in the White House”. There are those who would suggest Google get a better example than the White House – or maybe someone shares our dream of that really happening.

Bloomberg reports that the 50 richest Americans combined net worth is more than the net worth of the bottom 165 million of their fellow Americans. Now that is a bunch of money – almost two trillion dollars!

We didn’t bother to go to the post office at our regular time Tuesday morning. A mail truck was involved in a one vehicle accident just up the Troy Highway earlier in the morning and the wreckage was still being pulled back up on the highway at our “mail time”. Since the truck was inbound to Elba, we must assume that ‘our mail’ was in the back of that truck and a bit late getting to Elba so we waited until noon and there was our magazines and a couple of bills.

The folks along the Gulf Coast that have weathered two destructive storms back-to-back have got to be strong willed and determined folks to be saying without hesitation, “we are going to rebuild”. Then you look at the Gulf Shores part of this area and the fancy new Lodge there on the beach. It is back open, accepting guests! The facility was built assuming there would be hurricanes, so ultra-strong construction practices would be the smart way to build. It worked and now that facility is a shining example to others around the world on how to survive some of the ravages of nature.

Europe and the United States are quarreling about tariffs and the World Trade Organization (WTO) has just okayed Europe charging tariffs on up to $4 billion per year of US goods, hoping to force the United States and Europe to come to a negotiated settlement. It is a battle centered around aviation. Ironically, we are reading (or re-reading) a history of Henry Clay from the pre-civil war days of this country and tariffs were front and center with the U. S. and Europe way back then! It reminds us of the saying “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

AUM has just released polling results dealing with Alabama’s prison system. It was shocking to read that only 14% of those polled support the ongoing plan for private firms to build new prisons and lease them to the state! We would be willing to wager that none of this 14% is in either of the areas selected for construction of these mega-facilities. Our readings of reports from people living in the area of the planned prison near Wetumpka and the one in Bibb County is “Not In My Back Yard” and they are being very vocal on that matter.

Elba has a new mayor-elect following the run-off voting last Tuesday. Tom Maddox ended up with the most votes, as most of our readers already know. He will assume the role from Mayor Mickey Murdock, who chose to not seek re-election. We salute our incoming mayor and wish him well, because if he is doing well, Elba is more than likely also doing well. If Elba is doing well, odds are that those of us who make our home here are also doing well.

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