It was interesting to read the opinions of ‘who won’ following last Thursday night’s presidential debate. The first numbers we read indicated that die hard Trump supporters credited him with a win while those on the opposite side of the equation gave the win to Biden by about the same percentage. Later we were reading an opinion piece in the New York Times and found them calling the debate a ‘draw’, meaning neither hit a home run but then neither struck out. Personally, we only watched the first few minutes of the debate and then clicked it off and went about our life, thus can’t agree nor disagree with any one of those three differing opinions. We are just tired of all the back and forth arguing surrounding this election and will be glad when election day passes AND a winner is officially named (and accepted) by both sides.

Those who make a living predicting the outcome of pending elections are reacting like they have ants in their pants, afraid their predictions will be wrong and thus as one pollster said, “we are forever out of a job.” They are remembering their mistakes of 2016 and the potential for “Hidden Trump Supporters” (voters who are avoiding criticism for their personal choice) to sway elections in many of the too-close-to-call states. Since we don’t depend on our predictions (guesses) to pay the grocery bill, there is one opinion that you can bet your last dollar on. It is that Donald Trump will carry Alabama next week. His margin will be so strong that it will take down ballot candidates into office with him. Otherwise Doug Jones would hold on to his Senate seat.

On the Jones issue, we must admit he has made a strong effort to work for the people Alabama. He has supported several bills in the Senate that are good for Alabama citizens and all US folks. He has been open with the news media, often holding conference calls and answering reporter’s questions, etc. Still, he is the Democratic candidate and Alabama voters will be supporting Donald Trump and those who vow to support him. Like that or dislike it, it is going to happen. That means Tommy Tuberville will go from being a former college football coach to helping run the nation as a member of the United States Senate.

Before we leave Election Day, remember to research the six Alabama constitutional amendments on the ballot. We will be voting for some and against some. As usual our position on the two local amendments (Six and Seven) are to leave them to the folks in those two counties to decide their own fate.

Halloween is just around the corner. It will be different for most of us, as we deal with COVID-19, but there are still things a person can do and/or observe. First during this scary season, Halloween night will also be hosting a FULL MOON! We get a double dose of moon that night as it will also be a blue moon. October 31st is the only one in 2020. In fact, the next one will be in 2023. A blue moon is the second full moon of the month and October gets it this time around. There was one in 2015. In 2018 there were actually two Blue Moons. That is of course the origin of a person describing somthing that rarely happens as “Once in a blue moon!”

Be Safe - Wear your masks, wash your hands, practice social distancing and just use common sense (even though common sense is not always so common)!

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