There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision, for the greater good of society.” President Biden’s chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci supporting vaccine mandates

The Democrats have a plan to have banks report all transactions from $600 up (both inflow and outflow), but it has raised some privacy concerns. However, we see the largest problem being the massive pile of information that would include! In fact, the IRS would have to hire thousands of clerks just to look at all the checks that go through the banking system every day and then match them to IRS tax return files! This would be a nightmare in both human manhours and computers with the ability to digest all that information and then to know exactly what to do with it. We thought banks already had to report transactions over $10,000 to someone “up there” so maybe if they need more information to catch tax cheaters, drop that number to $5,000. It would be a hundred times easier to manage and would improve the tax cheater trails to follow.

There is still no decision on what has become regular business in the US House and Senate and that is raising the debt limit. It is the Democrats against the Republicans – again. We saw some numbers on this process a few days ago. Wish we had copied it down. Anyway, each party has been in power multiple times when this action was taken. Also, each time the political party NOT in power blames the other side for the mismanagement of the money.

There is continuing talk in Washington about taking the Social Security program private with the individual having control over investing the funds. That is not a good idea. Of course it would not impact us already on Social Security, just the younger folks. What would happen is many people would get bad advice/invest in dumb shaky things/ lose much or all of their retirement funds and expect the government (taxpayers) to bail them out, adding one more family to the welfare rolls.

Each of us can cite disasters and other major events that have rocked our little world. Monday morning (or maybe Sunday evening) a widowed weekly newspaper owner we know unfortunately put many of us to shame in that department. Her adult grandson took her pistol, crawled under her office desk and took his own life. Add that unimagible event to a crushing list of unhappy events in a good person’s life and our reaction was “Her trials and tribulations would make the bible story of Job’s hardships take a back seat!” For years she has been banking on him to like the newspaper business enough to be the family member who kept the paper in the family.

Be safe, wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands AND get the shot(s)!

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