Elkin Williamson died Friday, another victim of COVID-19. It is heartbreaking to know anyone dies of this virus, but when it someone you know so well, you can easily get mad. We have experienced that several times during the past six months. It is not something one becomes accustomed to – it just makes folks like us - madder that ‘good’ folks are dying through no fault of their own. Clearly it is something we as individuals can’t solve, but we can give our solid support to those with the smarts and tools to find either a cure or a magic potion that will prevent the continuing spread of this madding and often fatal pandemic. Meanwhile we suggest everyone resolve to double down on the known actions that reduce the chance of becoming another victim.

As thousands of online reference guide users have recently learned, the dictionary defines "schadenfreude" as "enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others”. If you are experiencing schadenfreude over the COVID-19 illness of the president of the United States and his wife (or anyone else), please don’t admit it to us. May we suggest you squelch those thoughts completely or save them to a more appropriate event, such as election loss. It that happens, you will be in the company of millions of other Americans and doing something that is done by one side or the other following every election. Even then you should be grateful that the individual played a pivotal part in upholding the ‘American Way’ of governing our great country.

It is not unusual with high profile individuals that announcements of their health issues are embellished to soften the seriousness of the problem. Usually it is actually none of our business in the first place, but Americans are nosey and usually genuinely concerned. It is a bit different this time when the patient is the president of the United States, Donald Trump. Each of us fellow Americans has a dog in that hunt. Doctors and White House staff members are giving conflicting statements to the news media on Trump’s symptoms, extent of his illness, etc., perfectly in line with traditional ‘news’ announcements about the health of presidents, movie stars and such. Accept it and wait for the dust to settle and we then are more than likely get an accurate report with the (almost) complete details of his health scare.

By the time you read this, Elba will have a new mayor. Tim Johnson and Tom Maddox are the two run-off candidates in Tuesday’s election. Only five votes separated them in the 1st election. Their race is the only one on the ballot, as the council positions were settled without an election, with only one candidate qualified for each of the five council seats. As we mentioned above, both deserve a pat on the back (handshakes must wait until after COVID-19) for unselfishly offering four years of service on behalf of their friends and neighbors in good old Elba, Alabama. 

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