Angry political protesters gathering at polling places -with guns! You only need one hothead to pull a trigger, or even accidentally discharge a weapon and the ensuing disaster will leave a black mark on all America. Tragically that will not prevent some shortsighted citizens from continuing down that slippery road. There are enough hotheads on any side of any political issue (or football game) to cause such an explosion.

We printed last week that Trump would have a heavy win in Alabama but even with that prediction we didn’t expect a county (Winston) to vote for President Trump by over 90%! Plus Cleburne, Blount, Marion and Cullman counties all were 88% or above for President Donald Trump. Then in five Black Belt counties Biden received from 72% to 81% of the total vote. Those are some lopsided totals and indicate to us that all Alabamians are not singing off the same song book. Maybe not even thinking in the same language. Which is better for the country . . . only history can give a clear picture of that and we will all be gone by that time.

Saturday morning Joe Biden was anointed with the title of ‘President elect” by the news media. This was after it became clear that he was going to win enough state’s electoral votes to be elected, come that faithful December meeting of the 538-member Electoral College. When Pennsylvania – 20 delegates (and Nevada with 6) counting gave Biden the magic 270 plus votes to be the majority of the electoral votes, the media named Biden the winner.

Republican diehards are very disappointed with the outcome of this election, as can be expected with by any election outcome that is the opposite of what that individual felt was necessary for the city, state or country. In this situation we are already hearing (on Saturday) that America is headed for a train wreck. Disagreeing with that fear, people should consider that the Senate will very probably remain under Republican control. That balance, Democratic House and Republican Senate, will add checks and balances to the ideas (both good and bad) of any one individual or political party.

Anyone thinking America is ‘rid’ of Donald Trump is in for a rude awakening. He has lost the office of president, but he has not lost his voice nor his twitter account(s). We also doubt he has lost his love/hate association with the national news media. His nature of outlandish claims, etc., got him to the White House and will surely feed his loyal followers for years to come . . . . . like maybe for another run for his only political office. With some 70 million U. S. citizens voting for him last week, he will surely have a large following for anything he wants to chat about.

Well ole COVID-19 visited The Elba Clipper recently but all is well – for now. Linda went through the ritual of staying home for the 10-day period and is now back in the office. Even though her case was relatively mild, Linda will be quick to assure anyone listening that she wants no more of that ‘stuff’.

Be Safe - Wear your masks, wash your hands, and practice social distancing. Your health and possibly your very life depends on it.

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