A list of 12 traditional Thanksgiving foods that Americans not just dislike but hate was recently released by a polling firm – they probably ran out of politicians to promote (or slander). The leading items on this list are cranberry sauce, turkey, sweet potatoes, dressing, corn, pumpkin pie and even ham and mashed potatoes. It is easy to relate to turning up your nose after several meals in a row of warmed over turkey drumstick, but hard to realize that so many of our favorites are on that list. We only turn our nose up at the corn and pumpkin pie, and not even refuse those in ‘proper’ company, just around family and close friends.

We have just finished reading ‘On The House” by Republican John Boehner, who was first a local, then statewide official before he represented Ohio in the U. S. House of Representatives from 1991 until 2015. He served as Speaker of the House from 2011 to 2015 but is now out of politics if that is possible for a life-long public official. This book was a gift that frankly we would never have purchased, but really enjoyed and had trouble putting it down when duty called, or the biscuits were done. He used some strong language at times, but surprisingly we were not offended – it just seemed to put some reality to whatever event he was reliving for his readers. Throughout the book he uttered some good advice learned from his personal experiences. Advice that fits politics, work, or family relationships, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Right at the end Boehner, an avid golfer, wrote this: “The most important thing to remember – in golf, in politics, in life – is that if you do the right things, for the right reason, the right things will happen for you.”

Our reading list has included three political themed books in a row so our reading time is now being dedicated to helping the original seven astronauts learn the unknown of space flight and we assume they will zoom into space before the final chapter.

There was a tidbit on the internet Saturday announcing that the world added 412 billionaires in 2020, bringing the known total worldwide to 3,288.  It is no surprise but a quick scan of the list indicated our name was not on the list, nor added as a footnote of “almost”. Alas, our readers are stuck with us for - well judging by the difference in our bank account balance and those of the 412 new billionaires - a long, long time!

There is a growing shortage of public-school classroom teachers in Alabama (and of course all across the nation). It goes without saying that the usual advocates for solving any problem opt to throw more money at it and have arisen around this problem. More money will surely attract some additional young college students to go into education, but not enough. Also we advocate for recruiting individuals who will be in the classroom for the love of seeing children’s eyes light up when they grasp some math concept or understand a set of historic fact. For those individuals any income above a fair living expense is incidental. We haven’t fixed the problem but hopefully got some “idea” experts to thinking.

The ’Ancient Alabama’ stories on <AL.com> have now carried a story of the ‘Cliffs of Alabama, comparing them to the White Cliffs of Dover (in England). If you have ever seen the Dover cliffs, clearly visible from ships in the English Channel, it does you as this writer and sends chills down your back to think Alabama has something to be compared to those in Europe. The current story is about a massive meteorite hitting Alabama eons ago.

Be safe, wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands AND get the shot(s)!



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