A younger sister (a retired school teacher) said something in an e-mail exchange Saturday afternoon that should help anyone, of any political persuasion, worried about the state-of-the-nation - "The fact that jellyfish have survived for over 500 million years despite having no brains gives me hope for humanity's future." That little gal spent her childhood tormenting her older brother but has finally come up with something worth repeating.

We routinely get e-mails wanting political donations from Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, etc., but Saturday there was a new wrinkle on one of those spam mailings. It was titled “How the Bible Helps your Vision.” Of course as a wearer of glasses, believer in the Bible, etc., our interest was perked up. However the next click got us this bold type message: “This Biblical Vision Breakthrough Democrats Don’t Want You To See” and how it reduces dependence on glasses and contacts. Well folks, we instantly decided to find something else to do and just hit the delete button rather than click on the next button! Someone, or group, has hit a new low with us, mixing politics, the Bible and some sort of . . . . whatever. It is surely not mainstream political advertising but confirms our long-held opinion that it takes all kinds to keep this ole world turning.

Many people are concerned over changing their Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions of large family gatherings due to the COVID-19 issues, as recommended by medical experts. They worry that – once broken, gone forever. We suggest they think in the opposite direction, “absence makes the heart fonder.” Then next year, after COVID-19 has been brought under some measure of control – or maybe whipped completely – they can reconvene their traditional gatherings and maintain their health at the same time. After all, lots of folks who catch this elusive bug either die or suffer lingering health issues that compromise their quality of life. You could be exchanging a single family gathering for . . . . . your life/health or the life/health of a loved one. That would be a small price to pay.

It is refreshing to know that in spite of all the issues business and industry are facing this year, Dorsey Trailers, right here in Elba, Alabama, is actively seeking to hire up to 30 people in their trailer building business. They have two ads in this week’s Elba Clipper wanting to hire additional plant workers immediately. Now, please don’t head for the unemployment office contending you can’t find a job! At least not until you have given this opportunity a shot at utilizing your skills.

Saturday came and went on a mid-season November day without a football game spotlighting Alabama, Auburn or Troy . . . . . and the sun came up on both Sunday AND Monday mornings! A person could say this is a good way to stabilize our lives, without a heart attack, family feud over the TV, or getting the car washed, etc.

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