Alabama’s unemployment rate stands at 2.7 percent at the end of October. That is good, but a fraction higher than in September. In spite of a jump in unemployment, state numbers show there is a bunch more at work than the month before. Governor Ivey said recently that Alabama has more people working now than ever in the state’s history! That is good for workers but not so good for companies trying to hire more qualified workers.

Alabama prison officials botched a second execution last Thursday night when they couldn’t find a suitable vein to inject the lethal drugs. It is puzzling that this continues to happen. Prison officials have been quoted as saying “they didn’t have enough time.” Well last month we had blood drawn during a routine physical and golly the nurse wrapped a band around our arm, dabbed a spot with alcohol, and one pop and the needle was in our blood vein. In the prison case they can skip the alcohol, as the threat of infection is a non-issue.

School grades in a recent State Board of Education report show Elba got a ‘C’ 75 overall; another page of the report was not so good. Elba High School got a ‘D’ 68 and the Elementary School got a ‘C’ at 71. We could blame the pandemic, but . . . . . . every school in the state experienced the same pandemic! Now, if we knew an answer to these lower-than-desired-grades, we would be at the schoolhouse solving the problem(s) and not downtown writing a newspaper column. However, something is coming up short and our suggestion is for the entire community to get involved and get things improved for the good of our children.

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has been under fire for several years for alleged business dealings that  – ‘don’t stand the light of day’. There is enough fire and smoke around Hunter for us to believe some, or maybe all, of it is true. Having said that, we are also alarmed that following the recent federal elections where the Republicans won control of the House, their agenda is apparently revenge as the only things we hear them promise to do is investigate Hunter Biden, investigate Joe Biden, Biden’s lock down orders during the pandemic, the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home, and indicate they are not planning to push investigations of the secret papers being in found in Trump’s possession. Nothing in their exciting plans deal with America’s real problems – like climate control, inflation, hunger, housing, etc.

The Elba High football team was defeated in the second round of the state playoffs, and Brantley and Enterprise have gotten the boot from the championship race. That counts all our area teams out of the ‘last man standing’ championships. Anyone who has ever played a competitive sport will have no problems admiring and commending the members of all the school sports teams, winning or not!

It is our hope that each of readers, and their families, will have a joyful Thanksgiving Day. Let us add “Be Grateful.”



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