The Italian auto maker Ferrari has just announced a new limited edition muscle car, “you read this as a muscle car.” It is something with an 829 horsepower V12 engine that will go from zero to 100 in under three (3) seconds! Of course, there will only be a few hundred of these monsters built. No sweat, we know of not a single public highway in the world where they can legally max out to the 211 miles per hour top speed. The German Autobahn has no official speed limit, just some wording like ‘safely’. If you have a bit over two million dollars to squander, you might be ‘lucky” enough to snag one of these collector items. Delivery is scheduled to begin late next year. Please don’t ask us to help pay the annual insurance premium on this death trap!!!

Just when we think that ‘politically correct” language has reached it breaking point, something new pops up. Now we read that a state board in Colorado is considering dropping the term ‘Sex Offender’ because it is “offensive”. They quote an individual who is in fact a convicted offender and claims it is “inappropriate and downright offensive.” Speaking out against such a change was a woman who is a rape survivor. She notes that the actions of sex offenders “are choices that sex offenders make” and not some affliction they can’t control. Our response would be much stronger. However, a much milder response is, “A rose is a rose by any other name.”

We finished the book on the first seven astronauts and ‘they made it into space!” This book, while about the whole team that launched the era of outer space travel, was mostly a John Glenn story. He was one of the first seven, first to orbit earth, and later served in the U. S. Senate and again went into space as an old man to prove it could be done. It was enlightening to read that there was a lot of back biting, competition, etc. among the trailblazers, yet they sucked it up and supported (or in present day slang - had each other’s back) the space project wholeheartedly.

To outsiders, things might seem quiet in Elba these days. However, that is not reality. We have of course written about the police department, critical shortage of certified patrol officers and right now only an ‘acting’ chief. Then there is the ‘up in the air’ planning issue for a permanent location of the Chamber of Commerce office following the fire that destroyed the Chamber’s office. The only ideas aired publicly have resulted in heated debate in a City Council workshop and later the official meeting. Much harsher words have been reported outside the meetings. That matter ironically involves the City of Elba, plus two supposedly independent groups - Economic Redevelopment Authority and the Chamber of Commerce. The slow progress on the sewer system upgrade is causing a growing cadre of complaints about the torn-up roads, broken water lines, etc. Then please don’t forget the local schools . . .  fill in our own blanks here but there are some unique rumors and ideas floating around. There is apparently no instant cure for either of the above ills, but if either of the above issues “goes away”, we can easily find a couple of replacements to keep the heated discussions going!

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