A couple of Saturdays ago an unusual tap, tap on the front door revealed two young girls knocking on doors in the neighborhood and giving out homemade ‘things’. We think they said they wer eight and nine years old, but we were so surprised those ages are not etched in stone. The little things were made from wooden ice cream spoons. A smiling face drawn on the spoon was accompanied by a red heart shaped “Trick or Treat” glued on the middle of the spoon. All this was in a small plastic bag. Apparently, these smiling young ladies were on a mission of getting the whole neighborhood ready for Halloween. They performed their mission well! Whomever helped, prompted, encouraged, etc. this little project is to be commended.

The Alabama Legislature is in session this week battling over how to redraw voting district lines across the state to comply with the “one man, one vote” rules. Each time they switch from U. S. House districts to state Senate and House districts or state school board districts, it is a new debate because each one has a different number of divisions. When this battle has subsided the counties will be in the debates over County Commission district lines while the cities are scratching their heads over how to redistrict their city council districts. Actually the ‘experts’ are already studying these issues but are holding things close to their vest until - sometime - before another election is scheduled. We have asked a couple of times about the projected extent of the local district lines changing and get blank looks and “we are waiting on more census information.”

The number of traffic accidents have exploded, not just locally but across the nation. There are lots of ideas about what is causing this uptick. One cause in this local area has been confirmed by security cameras – speeding and ignoring traffic warnings. A recent wreck was caught on security camera and showed an out-of-town driver ignoring the alerts of the upcoming intersection (and probably the speed limits) entering the intersection at full speed and crashing with another vehicle. None of us can solve this problem, but we can increase our alertness and be ready to take evasive action. A wreck may not be your fault, but that will not make you immune from being injured or killed or having your vehicle badly damaged.

It would insult a thinking person’s intelligence to say that wearing the mask will guarantee no COVID infection. The same for the shots. However, it is not insulting to say the mask will reduce your chances of getting the virus. Also, the facts are that most of the vaccinated who still get COVID are not getting as sick as the unvaccinated.

Be safe, wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands AND get the shot(s)!

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