A storm survivor in last weekend’s Kentucky tornadoes pulled up a chair to the Grand piano in the shambles of his home and began playing the beautiful religious song “There’s Something About That Name.” He explained to reporters that it wasn’t planned, it just happened and gave him peace in all the mess, destruction and deaths that surrounded him.

“Birds are not real” was coined tongue-in-cheek by some guy who didn’t have anything to do at the moment, but like so much of today’s social media crap it has attracted a cult following and actual demonstrations against the government for fostering a myth of birds being real!! When you think you have heard it all, something like this becomes reality for some! Maybe they - -  well gosh, we can’t even find a lame excuse for their train of thought.

Sunday morning we were tempted to skip church and just read a book but pushed such thoughts away – thankfully. Christmas time singing services are fine but a traditional church service needs a sermon in our simple mind, especially when one is celebrating the birth of Christ. Anyway, the service this year was unique, and not all music. Also, a special treat for this writer was choir member Kenneth Baker singing “Sweet Little Jesus Boy.” Don’t know how many times we have heard him sing that song, but one more is nothing short of . . .  another special treat.

More on Kenneth’s solo . . . Having grown up on a South Alabama farm and having heard all the jokes about “country boys” we just smile and move on when hearing another one from folks who wouldn’t know one end of a mule from the other. And yes, we have plowed a mule a few times up and down a field of peanuts. During our military years it was not unusual to being told, “you are not like ‘all’ those other southern farm boys.” In other words, we didn’t fit the mold of the jokes they had heard all their life. Those folks would probably also be shocked to know that the guy singing that hymn was born and raised as a “Southern Farm Boy” and has been a farmer his entire life. Also, he is one who can step off a piece of farm equipment that costs more money than some of those folks making the jokes will ever see – slap the dust off his pants, wash his face, put on a clean shirt and stand in a choir singing beautiful church music – and a solo just as it was written while his wife, Pam, plays the piano (or organ).

Several weeks ago an e-mail went out to the members of our immediate family asking advice on the main course for the noon meal Sunday following Christmas when plans are for all kit-and-kin to be together. Well the comments were varied as in any family with the diverse ideas fostered by our brood. The discussion calmed down drastically before anyone got feelings hurt when our response was a one word opinion . .”FOOD”. Therefore the main course will be whatever Michele decides will be most tasty, fitting for the season and easiest for her to cook!

We close this week’s astounding comments with a Merry Christmas shout out to all, and we hope each of you have the best Christmas you could ever have imagined! Pamper the little children, shower the other family members and friends with big smiles and those long overdue compliments. The Christmas season is also another opportunity to thank God for giving us such a wonderful life. It is His Grace that is always there to heal the scars from those unavoidable pains of every day life.

Be safe, wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands AND get the shot(s) and/or booster!

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