The very unusual 2020 Christmas is now over and in spite of the quirks we, as a whole, have so far survived the odd conditions presented by COVID-19.  Of course, there are some among us who are grieving over lost ones or someone very, very ill, and you have our heartfelt prayers. Hopefully our readers in that group will find a few bright spots, or a pile of positive memories, to help manage their grief.

Washington D.C. continues to be a place of great suspense, surprises and bitter debates. Probably the worse coming out of this often open, bitter squabbling is that those of us watching from the sidelines are also divided and all too often hopelessly, and bitterly, divided. Thus, when the nation’s leaders come to any sort of compromise to keep things moving along, us brilliant onlookers lock down in serious debate with each other over the issues just settled under the bright lights of ‘open government’. We likely knew very little, or nothing, about the pros and cons before Washington started debating the merits of the issue, but quickly formed unwavering brilliance, but differing conclusions, just listening to the words of the publicity seekers in DC. It is great to live in a ‘Freedom of Speech’ country!

It was a surprise to us last week when Judson College officials announced that unless they raised a half million dollars before January 1st, they would have to close this old, old Alabama college. College staff members were already advising students on the best option for them in transferring to another school to complete their degree. On Monday it was announced that they have raised over $350,000, indicating the magic $500,000 might be obtained by the deadline. It seems unusual for old established, and respected, colleges like Judson to get in this financial bind . . . but then we are not the resident expert on college financing. Wish them success in their quest for funding.

OK, we are actually going to get our $600 “free” money from Uncle Sam . . . sometime after the first of the year. There are reports that as many as a million people are still waiting on the original $1,200 check most of us got months ago. Again, as with that original stimulus check, there is a bit of a guilt feeling in our brain for accepting this money. First, we are fortunately not hungry nor in danger of eviction for nonpayment of rent and secondly knowing that our grandchildren (and great-grandchildren) will be paying the interest on this money the government has to borrow, forever, and forever, frankly embarrasses us. But we plan to take it anyway.

Be Safe, WASH Your Hands – Often, Wear Your MASK, Social DISTANCE and take the SHOT when it becomes available.

It is our dream that each of you will have a very rewarding and Happy New Year!

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