We stumble upon some novel and interesting things on the internet. Sunday afternoon we were amazed to learn that the three letter word ‘run’ is the most complicated word in the English language with 645 meanings! That is just using it as a verb alone. This is not coffee shop chatter either, it is quoting the next edition of Oxford English Dictionary with 75 columns of type giving the ‘meaning’ of the verb form of ‘run’. This will replace longtime leader ‘set’ with only 200 definitions. 

A Connecticut state senator has introduced a bill in that state requiring all citizens MUST vote on election day. He also prescribed penalties for those who don’t comply. Under his proposal (which he urges all states to adopt) those who don’t vote get a letter from the designated state official requesting their reason for not voting. This state official has sole authority to accept or reject the excuse and thus impose a fine on the nonvoter. True, there are some countries that have long required voting, but our guess is their citizens don’t have the mind-set of the United States folks. Americans don’t like someone telling us what we have to do nor when to do it (current example - wearing face masks). It is easy to envision our fellow citizens being forced to do something they don’t care for and exacting their revenge by casting a ballot for (and helping elect) that yahoo who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time . . . just for spite. We have enough under qualified office holders now and surely don’t need a bunch more who are even less capable of leading. That bill will probably get nowhere, even in Connecticut, but we suspect that guy will forever be tagged as the ‘compulsive voting’ dude.

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby has announced that he will be retiring from the U. S. Senate at the end of his current term, which has two more years. This was going to happen sooner or later, but Alabama will be the loser with this action. There is no accurate figure to put on the benefits this man has funneled to Alabama. Of course, the people of Elba can attest to that fact just by looking at the higher, stronger levee that pushes back against the Pea River and several smaller streams. He is directly responsible for millions of federal dollars being earmarked for levee improvement work in Elba and Geneva following the Pea River floods of the 1990s.

With Shelby retiring from the U. S. Senate after his long, long tenure, the question on many minds (and lips) is ‘Who will replace him?” Maybe we had better ask ‘who will take his position” as he will be awful hard to ‘replace’. One name that has popped up is that of Business Council of Alabama President Katie Boyd Britt. She served well as Shelby’s Chief of Staff and has been well received with her work at the Business Council. Katie is an Enterprise native and married to a former Alabama football player . . . . put all that together with her longtime working relationship with Alabama politicians while in Shelby’s office and she would be a major contender. There is a rumor floating around between political ‘movers and shakers’ that she is quietly putting together a support team. That may be true, or she may just be testing the water. Alabama voters may not be ready for a female in the Senate, but this young lady has the experience and the ability to change the minds of doubters and therefore it would be a mistake to discount her as a viable candidate.

Safe -wear your mask, social distance, take your shots and wash your hands - again!


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