Would Andrew Johnson have become president but for the assassination of Abe Lincoln? Would Theodore Roosevelt have ever been president if William McKinley had not been assassinated? Would Gerald Ford have ever been president if Agnew had not resigned in disgrace as Vice President and then the same happened to President Richard Nixon? Would Lyndon Johnson have been president but for the assassination of John Kennedy? What about Harry “The Buck Stops Here” Truman who in the middle of a world war, stepped into the shoes vacated with the death of Franklin Roosevelt? Gosh, what if George Washington had been killed while leading the army in the war with the British. There are hundreds of other situations, both at the top and all down the political chain, where circumstances propelled someone into the spotlight, maybe before they were quite ready to ‘be in charge’ (or maybe would never have been elected by the voters). A person can speculate on any one of the above, but actually no one will ever know how history would have evolved with different personalities at the top.

Troy Regional Medical Center folks will be in Elba giving out COVID shots on Saturday, March 20th. This is a ‘drive thru’ event. This is a golden opportunity for lots of additional citizens to get vaccinated. Most Coffee County residents have been waiting for a whole year for this solution to COVID-19. Get in the line, get the shots and express your heartfelt thanks to those administering them!

Various groups are voicing complaints about the system of allocating COVID vaccines as the limited supply comes available. Of course those other folks need the vaccine and need it badly. Doubtfully, there is no one who can challenge the arguments for any particular group, yet to include those in another group would mean not including one or more of the groups that were authorized. Unique systems have been employed in various states but each of them leaves out a number of equally dangerously exposed citizens. Society can be thankful for two things . . .  One - is that someone else had the burden of making those impossible decisions; Two – a bunch more doses of the vaccine are becoming available and within a few weeks we are promised there will be enough for all who are willing to take the shots. As an afterthought, we would hope every person in America who is medically able to take the shot(s) will get in line ASAP.

The rehashing of a recent “bombshell’ TV interview with Britain’s Prince Harry and his American wife swamped the internet during the days following the broadcast of the event. The initial reaction in England was a negative one for both Harry and his wife Meghan. Our thoughts run up and down the ladder and as of yet can’t form a firm opinion. We feel for the couple and their trauma of stepping away from the royalty hype that was his whole life and for her abuse, either actual or perceived. Yet we also get negative vibes from some of her comments, maybe even questioning her motives. That latter bit has no provable basis but it keeps popping back into our thoughts every time we see a headline on the related issues. Frankly we hope time will prove those last thoughts wrong. The one thought we can stick with is that regrettably there will be no winners in this matter, just a public opinion disaster for all concerned.

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