Springtime is here – according to the calendar. It arrived last week during the depth of our latest cold snap. Folklore has it that South Alabama will always have an Easter cold snap but this one is a bit early in our thinking. Easter is just around the corner and we are probably going to still get that Eastertime early morning North winds in the next week or ten days.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall joined 20 other state attorneys general in filing a lawsuit to block President Joe Biden’s attempt to kill the Keystone XL pipeline that was planned to carry crude oil from Canada to Texas oil refineries. The multi-state lawsuit was filed last Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. Those filing the lawsuit note that shortly after being sworn into office, President Biden revoked the Keystone XL pipeline permit through an executive order. They add that the president is not constitutionally empowered to cancel the international contract. The lawsuit contends that only Congress has the legal authority to approve or cancel the pipeline permit and under the Constitution.

The debate over Daylight Savings Time (DST) heats up twice a year (when we are changing our clocks). This year a number of polls are showing a growing percentage of U. S. citizens supporting a move to ‘stop the change’ on the federal level. However, when you ask which way is best, with or without DST, the picture gets murkier. One group wants to keep DST  or ‘fast time’ while another group points out reasons to completely do away with it. You can expect to see this debate go on for another year or so and a change will be made. A change to go full DST or back to regular time year-round is right now a flip of the coin chance either way.

President Joe Biden’s advisers are reportedly planning to present a proposal to the president sometime this week that recommends carving his planned massive budget-breaking economic agenda into separate legislative pieces, rather than trying to push a package reported to be near a mammoth $3 trillion package through Congress – on top of the huge economic rescue package just passed in Washington. We have no idea what will be in this huge spending package (by a group already trillions overspent already) but one thing that keeps cropping up with the Washington bunch is highway and bridge updates all across the nation.

The news reports keep quoting Bernie Sanders when talking about bills passing the current U. S. Senate and House of Representatives. Then they start quoting him on “what his next project might be.” This bothers us a bit. Sanders tried to run for president but the voters would have very little to do with him. Our thoughts at the time were that the majority didn’t like his politics and/or his political promises. If the latter was  a major issue, then why is he getting or claiming to be getting all the things he advocated approved? The latest thing we saw was him claiming to “push prescription drug reforms through reconciliation.” Bernie . . . .  be quiet for a while before other lawmakers start a voting backlash against some pretty good bills, hoping it will somehow shut you up!!


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