The recent union vote by Amazon workers at the huge Alabama facility was a resounding defeat for the pro union group. We didn’t have any idea what was going on, nor apparently did those pushing the union effort. There are news reports of some workers complaining about work-related issues in the facility, maybe related to the mass of sales during the COVID-19 explosion, but maybe were ongoing before COVID. Probably the biggest thing that lead to the NO vote on union representation was the $15.00 plus average salary those folks are already getting, double the minimum wage and much above the average wage in Alabama. We understand they also have medical insurance furnished by the company. All that was without having to pay union dues. The armchair experts are already sharpshooting the actions by the union organizers for not doing their job correctly to motivate a YES vote from the workers. That criticism of course comes AFTER the votes were counted and the outcome clear. Anyway, the issue is not over yet as union spokesmen have said they are appealing to the feds with charges of unfair labor practices. With that large vote margin we seriously doubt any appeal will be successful this time around.

Several weeks ago we predicted right here on this page that the traditional Easter cold snap would get here by Easter Sunday. Well sure enough it arrived in good old Southern folklore tradition. Now that Easter is weeks behind us, it will be alright for the early morning chilly air to go away for a few months.

Last Sunday our children gathered at the Andalusia home of daughter Michele to celebrate a belated Easter and birthday for their old dad. The delay was to give other extended families a chance to enjoy nice folks on Easter Sunday. Since for their entire childhood Easter Sunday was family reunion day at grandmother and granddaddy’s Kinston home for the three children, the menu Sunday was ‘picnic’ food. The meat was fried chicken and ham . . always and thus again Sunday. All the trimmings replicated ‘the picnic’ and was more than enough. Of course the remains of the birthday cake came to Elba with the honoree!

Thus far the work on the major repairs to the Elba sewer collection system has not caused any community uprising over the torn-up streets, etc. This is a major improvement from the uproar that accompanied the sewer work during the late ‘60s. Of course if our memory serves us correctly, there were many streets torn up for weeks at the time all at the same time back then. These folks doing the work in 2021 seem to be going the extra mile to get streets back open ASAP as they dig up sewer lines and replace broken and/or leaking sections of pipes. Another improvement (in our expert opinion) is the use this year of much longer sections of pipe, thus improving the support in our ultra sandy and wet soils that have to hold the sewer lines in place to prevent leakage in and/or out of the pipe joints. 

Be Safe wash your hands . . . again; social distance when possible, wear your masks and get the shots!!

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