Clearly the medical folks need to get a list of every person in the U. S. who has had the coronavirus and gotten well. We read an article about a 52 year old man who was . . . well he was dying from the virus but is now well! The answer appears to be a transfusion he got from another man who had also won the battle with the virus and days later - going home from the hospital - well! Now this may not be the magic cure, but if this old man comes down with that stuff, get us a transfusion ASAP!

The pressure on the world’s caregivers has got to be horribly depressing. That is no better pointed out than by the report of the female doctor, herself a class act and a leader at a large 400 bed hospital, being so overwhelmed by the virus cases she was witnessing daily and watching many of them die because she had no cure for their sickness that alas, she committed suicide last week. Not only was she doctoring those with the virus and striving to protect her co-workers in the hospital, but she herself had survived it and gone back to work.

Next is the story of a man who posted tweets that the whole thing is just a political ploy. Well unfortunately he died of the ‘political ploy”. It is amazing that so many people still don’t believe this pandemic is the real thing but think it is just a weird Public Relations plot by evil politicians.

All the news - in newspaper, magazine, radio and TV is about the virus (OH, and don’t forget the social media experts). Of course that is what people are concerned with today. When - if- this thing ever settles down, Americans can go back to Trump-or-no-Trump, climate change, the economy, China, student loans, the mess in the Middle East, etc. But for today be assured that any news you are in contact with for the foreseeable future has a virus report right next to it and with bigger headlines. Therein lies a subject for some college professor to do an in-depth study of why and how humans select our most important disasters to worry about.

It is tragic to see food rotting in the fields as America continues efforts to cope with multiple issues related to the coronavirus disaster. Food banks are in dire need of additional food for the unemployed millions, and farmers really can’t afford to lose a crop, but both issues continue to worsen every day. There has to be some solution to this problem that is only getting to be a bigger and bigger detriment to everyone enjoying “The American Dream”. Someone has just got to find it and see that it is enacted - all the way from Washington D. C. to the branchheads of South Alabama. Ugh . . . a chill went down our spine on that last sentence, implying that D. C. can cure all the world’s problems

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