Drivers ignoring STOP signs at the Cook Chevrolet intersection . . . . Here is the picture (in words) three cars, coming toward town on Claxton Avenue, recently completely ignored the red flags, stop signs and red flasher. Thanks goodness the car in front of us was wisely waiting to turn into Burger King and there was no accident – this time. Thank goodness this was a thinking driver who was prepared for the unexpected or there would have been a multi-car wreck right there in plain sight of the world. One person, it could be blamed on habit, but three! That was just folks too busy – or maybe they thought they were too important - to follow the rules and stop at the all-stop intersection.

Elba has a number of changed traffic patterns coupled with the four-lane work on U. S. Highway 84 and Bypass 203. Already police have investigated accidents involving both locals and folks just passing through en route to the beach or somewhere. That brings out the advice for each of us to be alert, obey the changing traffic pattern rules, and assume that other driver will not stop. A few seconds of waiting to ‘be sure’ is faster than waiting for a police report to be completed and the tow truck (and maybe the rescue squad) to show up.

Due to the COVID-19 variants medical experts are encouraging all of us to continue being cautious, wearing our mask when in close contact with others, washing our hands, etc. Of course the chance of catching or spreading the virus is slim when we have had the shots, but it is still possible. Let’s not be in that small percentage of folks who still get sick with even a mild case of COVID.

Two different advisories on same day. One cautions NOT to travel, even if already taken all COVID shots. Followed up about a couple of hours later from a different website advising it was OK for these same people to travel (at a low risk to themselves) if they wear masks, social distance and wash their hands! Both messages were quoting the Centers for Disease Control (C.D.C.). We finally sorted the confusion but it was mind boggling for a few minutes. The original was a quote from a couple of days earlier and the relaxed advisory was brand new (and is the existing one at this writing on Monday).

The really good news about the COVID-19 disaster is that the U. S. is on a roll with the number of daily virus shots. The daily count average during the past five days (thru Sunday) is three (3) million folks getting one of the shots every day! That is an impressive number of folks getting a needle stuck in their arm, and this leads to a corresponding drastic drop in the number of deaths from COVID-19.

Recently when admiring a big fish on the cover of a Bassmaster magazine our heart skipped a beat at the name of the featured fisherman ‘Drew Benton’ catching the monster. Don’t know him personally but do know both his mother and grandmother. His grandmother, a longtime friend, finished high school with yours truly, and the mother has come to our class reunions with her parents on several occasions. They are all loyal supporters of Drew, often showing up on the last day of a pro fishing tournament to cheer for him and his often success. At our annual reunions, wife Heddy would usually end up in a corner somewhere with the two females as they tried to ‘outshine’ each other about their GREAT children and grandchildren. That was even after Heddy learned that grandma had been my date for our high school senior prom (65 years ago)! Oh, this family is a branch of Elba Mayor Tom Maddox’s family tree but we don’t expect Tom will be competing with Drew in the bass fishing world anytime soon.


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