To us the idea of Alabama using some of the money sent down by the feds to compensate for money spent on COVID-19 issues on building a new State House is a . . . there just isn’t a word in our brain to adequately express the personal disgust everyone should have with this idea. Acting like it is ‘money from Heaven’ only magnifies an alarming trend in America. The federal government doesn’t ‘give’ us anything . . . they redistribute that which they TAKE from each of us, skim off a big bite for themselves and then do us great favors by sending a bag of money back home. Secondly, regardless of where it comes from, this money was sent to cover expenses related to the COVD-19 virus outbreak, not build monuments or resort like facilities for the state’s career politicians.

We might add that among other proposals on the wish list presented to the governor last week are $75 million to reimburse the General Fund for COVID-19 expenses, $100 million for state agency expenses necessary to maintain operations during the pandemic, $25 million for supplies, equipment, and resources needed to prepare for another outbreak of the virus, and $100 million for the state prison system to reduce inmate crowding and the risk of exposure to inmates and correctional officers. On the surface, each of those appears to be in line with the stated purpose of the funding. In a statement late last week, Governor Ivey wisely noted the D. C. administration did not intend for the CARES Act to fund projects such as a new State House.

More people can be seen wearing masks as the reality of the coronavirus becomes more obvious. As a mask wearer personally, it is easy to understand the feeling of looking silly wearing those things. However, give us the option of wearing a mask or catching COVID-19 – or worse, giving it to someone else – justifies accepting the funny looks non-wearers cast our way. Hopefully others will join this recommended practice.

Not long ago anyone trying to book a last minute commercial flight was elated to find a lone empty seat on the red eye or even the 6 a.m. flight on a round-about route to their destination. Not today. Today the average number of passengers on a commercial flight within the U.S. is just 23! That means you can fly on your timetable and practice social distancing on most flights with ease.

Many things continue to amaze us. One is the differing opinions on how many colors are in the rainbow. Even history’s so-called geniuses differ on this matter. The Roman poets Ovid and Virgil considered 1000 colors in the rainbow. We better look again! The respected Greek philosopher Aristotle went the opposite way and vowed there were only three (3) colors. (Our thoughts are he may have been color blind). Sir Isaac Newton counted seven and that is the common count which is generally used today. Now that you have that important information, note also that there are at least 8,843 songs that contain the word “rainbow” in the lyrics.

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