Elba native Rachel (Cowart) Oliver has made quite a name for herself in the decorating world. Living in the Atlanta, GA area positions her in just the right place to gets lots of folks, both commercial and residential, needing just the right chair, picture on the wall, etc. It also brings her to the attention of folks filming TV specials. She has done these before but her latest stuff will be televised in June. We have our ears to the ground and will properly announce the time and networks carrying the Rachel special. If you want a bit faster schedule, her parents, right here in Elba – Bill and Jeannette Cowart – might give you a day or so quicker update.

We read with excitement the headlines in one of the several daily news bulletins that hit our in-box that the experts gave a man the ability to again see with genetic mutations in the eyes. Well after following through with a deeper reading on another website, the technology is far above our grade level – thus you will have do your own research to understand what is happening. Apparently they inject some unique gene(s) into the eyeball, then the patient wears a special pair of goggles and can begin to see objects - a bit fuzzy but after eons of seeing nothing, it excites the sightless individual. We did understand from our reading that these experts expect to get better results with fine tuning of their technics. We salute the efforts of these and others who spend years dogging a serious problem with determined efforts to help fellow humans overcome their physical and mental problem.

It is easy to skim over reports of defective bridges all across the nation. All of us have heard those comments and most are as guilty as yours truly in ignoring the warnings. However when we see pictures of major cracks in bridge structures such as the recent incident in Tennessee, that resulted in an emergency closing of a major traffic artery, it is past time to pay attention to these warnings. We can blame the bridge inspector and he is apparently guilty, but it is not only the inspector, but those of us who grunt and move on to something else. It is time to delay ‘bridges to nowhere’ as the one in Alaska and spend those funds on making the existing roads and bridges safer.

It is necessary to acknowledge that city employees did mow the grass on the levee within the last week. As was noted in this slot last week, prep work had already been done on the trim work. Now is a great time for citizens to take a stroll along a section or the whole thing if you need some exercise and peace of mind and enjoy the outdoors. With the summer arriving we might suggest an early morning stroll, or as an alternate, a late afternoon relaxed “tiptoe through the daises.”

Be Safe wash your hands . . . again; social distance when possible, wear your masks and get the shots (we did)!!

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