Rep Madison Cawthorn was caught taking a loaded gun into the airport at Charlotte, NC (charged with same offense another time last year). This is the same guy who was recorded accusing members of Congress of drug use and inviting him to an “orgy” . . . . . only to later retract those claims. Antics like this are what keep many good folks from offering to serve in our elective offices.

What about a refund and/or bonus to those former college students who struggled to get the education and/or not to burn the candle at both ends with Spring Break trips hundreds of miles away while shrugging shoulders over the expense with comments of, “Oh I have one of those federal student loans to pay my bills.” It happened and many of those struggling with heavy college loan payments would probably admit to being guilty of this mindset during their college years. We read a comment from one person opposed to the federal debt relief proposal: “If the education didn’t earn you enough to pay your bills, it sure doesn’t inspire me to pay it for you.”

A headline on an opinion article plastered on the Internet Monday morning noted that politics and religions should not be mixed. We didn’t read the story but were reminded of a comment we heard dozens of times from an aunt, now deceased. She took her religion and her politics very serious. She would be reading a campaign ad or watching one on the tube and say, “If you are a religious person I will know it, you don’t have to plaster it all over your ads.” You know my dear departed aunt had a valid point. All too many of our political office holders live by the line in that Country Western song, “I raise cane on Saturday night, but I go to church on Sunday” and then stand up and declare they are ‘very religious’.

The daily news from the war in Ukraine should serve as a reminder to each of us of the horrors of war – any war. The killings might be the less horrible of the crimes being committed in Ukraine every day. Graphic reports of Russian soldiers killing the husband and adding insult to the wife’s misery by sexually assaulting her are not uncommon and of course are not unique to this war. We would like to look into the brain of those committing these despicable crimes against humanity and understand the ‘why’ of such actions.

The is a stink coming out of the Supreme Court this week. Someone ‘leaked’ information dealing with an upcoming court ruling on abortions. The chief justice has launched an investigation to find out how this was released, adding that the draft opinion is not final. Final or not, it is hard not to assume the end results will be overturning the long standing Roe vs Wade court opinion that allows abortions.

Be safe, wear your mask when appropriate, social distance, wash your hands AND get the shot(s) and/or boosters!


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