Lawyers were already gearing up to sue owners of the meat packing plants that were experiencing hundreds of the coronavirus cases. Now with the President signing an official order for the plants to stay open that opens up the deep-pockets of the federal government as an additional defendant in the already-ripe lawsuit territory for those who suffer from the virus and particularly for the families of those who don’t survive the illness.

If the ‘sue somebody’ deal catches on and becomes the norm, America is in for a long, long recovery path – one that us of this older generation may never see the end of in our lifetime.

My recent comments about the regular deliveries of food by daughter Michele and husband Tom prompted some questions about the quality of the food and even one of “how do you enjoy eating their leftovers?” First, they are not the leftovers, but specially prepared for the ‘old folks’. Then the quality is top notch! Tom is a French cooking school graduate and Michele – not to be out done – learned the methods of her mother, grandmother and also grabbed some special recipes of Tom’s long deceased mother. She practiced all until she got the nod of approval from each of us, including Tom, that she had mastered the techniques of each of those three masters. Now you know all that but please wait a day or so before casually dropping in for lunch. We are already challenged to the max just getting it on the table for the two of us in some sort of timely manner!

The Committee to Draft Michelle Obama (as the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate) is an actual organization and is recruiting signatures on petitions to present to the Party big wigs that will make that become a reality. Since the expected nominee has already committed to a female running mate, this one is proven. She isn’t perfect, nor would any other human be without flaws, but there is a quote that was once popular, “We know he (she) is a ______, but he (she) is our _____.” It was in reference to keeping the office holder they had over one that was unknown. Obama got her share of political flak as First Lady, but she handled it with poise, deserving to the title “Lady” and American citizens can stand a whole bunch of political poise now and in the foreseeable future.

Don’t rush this popular idea of returning to normal! Yes, it would help our feelings and probably improve the economy if everyone was working, playing, etc., as normal but . . . . IF IT BACKFIRED there would be no ‘oops erase that’, but more sick folks and probably many more deaths. So, we ask our readers, “How many lives are you willing to sacrifice to again obtain that sense of normal. And we also ask of the politicians, “How many lives are you willing to sacrifice in a possible losing effort to bolster your popularity on election day?” Sobering thoughts ain’t it.

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