“These are the secret Pentagon photos of the first prisoners at Guantánamo Bay.” That was the headline on a social media site recently. It is not unusual to see the word “secret” in some attention-grabbing headline on social media but we can’t help but think every time we see the word in a headline, ‘How can it be secret when it is all over the internet?” That question will probably go unanswered in our lifetime, along with a number of other catch words that are overused in a effort to grab attention to a particular article.

The Libertarian Party last had statewide ballot access in Alabama in 2002. This year the party has certified 69 candidates for the November general election, including candidates for the U.S. Senate, governor, and seven other statewide races. Listening to quotes from their leaders, they apparently don’t expect to win, with comments such as “getting 20% of the vote”, etc. That doesn’t mean their candidates are not qualified. It is an admission that American voters tend to vote for the person they think will win! We probably fall into that category as well but have been known to cast protest votes against the candidate from the two leading political parties! It doesn’t help anything but our inner satisfaction.

Voters are reminded that Alabama has the runoff election next week (Tuesday). The two main races we see are the U. S. Senate race with Katie Boyd Britt and Mo Brooks. We predict Coffee County native Katie will win that one. She carried most of the counties, except for those around Brook’s home in the Huntsville area. Pike County’s former Probate Judge Wes Allen is facing off against State Auditor Jim Ziegler for the Secretary of State nomination. Republican voters will also have votes for State Auditor with Stan Cooke and Andrew Sorrell in the race. Public Service Commission has two slots in this run-off. Place #1 has Jeremy H. Oden facing Brent Woodall and Place Two has Chip Beeker facing Robert L. McCollum.

Democrats will only be voting in the Governor’s race with Yolunda Rochelle Flowers facing Malika Sanders Fortier. We know absolutely nothing about either of these candidates, so will not venture forth with any suggestions, except urge those who do vote in this race to please learn about each candidate before casting your vote! We expect a very, very low turnout of Democrats this time around, so those who do vote will have a larger than average impact on the outcome.

Alabama law limits voters to voting in the run-offs only in the party they voted in the first primary. Come November we can cross vote for candidates in all parties on the ballot . . . . plus write-ins votes for someone not on the ballot.

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