Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the recent fighting with the Arabs neighbors has been supplanted by politicians voting in a new leader. We wondered if maybe the fighting was promoted to rally Netanyahu’s supporters to ensure him another term in office. Well if that was the politics behind the recent shooting with the Palestinian state it has . . . . failed by a one vote margin, with Netanyahu complaining of voter fraud. Kinda reminiscent of politics in the good ole USA. A group of eight minority political parties joined hands to vote him out of office Sunday. Of course pending charges of illegal financial activities did not help his reelection efforts.

Civilians can now fly into space tourism. Before you raise your hand to go on the next flight be aware that the price for the July 2021 trip to join Jeff Bezos in space is only $28 million for a ten minute sub-orbital flight! Frankly if we had that much money, we would probably pay that to NOT be on any upcoming space flight. Maybe this is a glaring sign of old age, but it is a fact. Regardless of how many times a spaceship has been successfully launched, the chances of another disaster are so huge . . . . simple missteps, minor mechanical problems, etc., can destroy a spaceship and all crew and passengers instantly.

We got a verbal complaint last week from a concerned citizen who declined to write a “letter to the editor”. Her concern was the lack of upkeep around the Ben Ringsdorf monument at the intersection of Highway 189 and 87 North (in the Y at the Elba Shell station). Sunday afternoon we stopped to check out the situation. Yes, the grass, weeds and vines have overtaken the flower beds. The City of Elba has a firm working on some beautification stuff at the city library and around the square. We hope that will uliltmately include work at this monument and several other places that pretty flowers are losing out to the weeds  and vines for some reason or another.

We also continue to get complaints about the overflow of scattered paper, cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, etc. around the recycle center at the old Elba High gym. Frankly that is a bigger eyesore than the weeds at the above discussed monument. We can glue our eyes on the road and not see the weeds, but that is impossible when driving anywhere near the recycle center.

It was not brilliance that caused us to predict several weeks ago that Enterprise native Katie Boyd Britt would be run-ning for Richard Shelby’s soon-to-be-vacant seat in the U. S. Senate. The handwriting was everywhere, including it being widely known that she had been testing the waters since before Shelby formerly announced his plans. As a former Chief of Staff for our senior senator, she was probably aware of his plans long before the rest of us had a clue. Last weekend Shelby endorsed her efforts to replace him. Now getting the blessings of the outgoing office holder can sometimes backfire but in this case it is probably a matter of he feels he knows her abilities, maybe better than she herself does and likes her potential as a senator.

Tuesday the Secretary of State’s office released a list of over 80 individuals or political PACs that have violated the Fair Campaign Practices Act as required by state law. Of 2,633 candidates and/or PACs involved, there are 86 that were cited in Tuesday’s report. After scanning the list twice, we smiled that there was not a single individual from Coffee County on that list. Some negative thinkers would say they were just too smart to be caught but we would rather think  they took the time to follow the law.

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