Gasoline prices are through the roof with no signs of receding. Politics being what they are, Washington leaders are being blamed for the worldwide jump in prices. The D.C. folks are due a bunch of criticism, as was the last bunch, the bunch before them, etc., but the oil issue is bigger than that. It has been over 60 years since a new oil refinery opened in the U.S.! Think back and see how many different Washington crowds you can blame for that . . . if any.

“Research from the Babraham Institute (Cambridge. England) has developed a method to ‘time jump’ human skin cells by 30 years, turning back the aging clock for cells without losing their specialized function. Work by researchers in the Institute’s Epigenetics research program has been able to partly restore the function of older cells, as well as rejuvenating the molecular measures of biological age. The research was published April 7, 2022 in the journal eLife and while at an early stage of exploration, it could revolutionize regenerative medicine.” Our immediate reaction was, “Hey make me be in my early 50s again!” but then second thoughts arose and the question being pondered is, “Do I really want to be 50 again?” Anyway this is a long way from being a prescription at the local drug store but experts think the methods being used can be expanded to work on the APBA2 gene, associated with Alzheimer’s disease, and the MAF gene with a role in the development of cataracts, both showed changes towards youthful levels of transcription. Maybe this will be fully developed in time to help our children – if not, then our grandchildren.

Early last week, it was reported the U.S Army naming commission recommending “renaming” Ft. Rucker to Fort Novosel.  Ft. Rucker is one of nine U. S. military installations that were named in commemoration of the Confederacy. The name changing is another effort to be politically correct. Nothing is yet cast in stone but thousands of alternate names have already been discarded so things are getting much closer to a final decision. The late Michael Novosel Sr. is a Medal of Honor recipient that “retired” in Enterprise. He served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

This latest mass killing event in a Texas elementary school is of course tragic. None of us know why this teenage boy would kill two teachers and nineteen children and wound a bunch more students. Social media erupted with countless unfounded rumors that make us wonder who thinks up all these stories – and why? One of the first to gain a footing on the gossip line was that this event was racial (most of the kids were Latino). The truth is the shooter was himself an American citizen of Latino heritage. Unfortunately, however this column will not make a dent in the rumor mill. Often the truth is too dull to survive in that atmosphere.

We got our second COVID booster shot last week. Experts disagree on promoting this booster shot. They think more attention should be on getting EVERYONE the first set of shots. We don’t disagree with their ideas but “looking out for me” kicked in and we didn’t want to take the chance of being the ‘oops’ guy on this issue.


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