Should Joe Biden run for re-election or be a one termer like the Georgia peanut farmer? By golly if he would spend his ex-president years as productive as Jimmy Carter, we would personally escort him out of the White House and pat him on the back with a “good luck, brother” comment. Probably no one would have had an easy job in today’s world and following Donald Trump, but we have personally questioned some of Biden’s decisions. Oh, not the fall with the bicycle last week. Even young folks occasional get their foot tangled up or stumble over a tree root. However, we would probably not be upset if the Democrat Party put fourth a fresh candidate in the next round of presidential elections.

The election day vote on the state parks bond issue amendment passed in every Alabama county with an overwhelming majority. We heard someone say, “That bunch in Montgomery were ready to start spending that money the day after the votes were counted.” That is a bit unfair, as the bonds will have to be sold before the money can be spent. NOW, the department surely has some rough plans in place and can begin fleshing them out. Otherwise, they would not have had any idea how big of a bond issue they would request. Anyway, Alabama voters endorsed the plan overwhelmingly. 

A recent opinion piece on an internet website assigned the blame for the ongoing run-away inflation on . . .  the government of the past couple of generations beginning with the establishment of the Social Security program. The elected officials realized they could buy re-election by giving voters non-existing money (the Federal Reserve just prints more money). Some other inflation causing government actions include . . .  keeping up with the Soviet threats in the 1980s, savings and loan crisis in the 1990s, then 9/11 in the 2000s, housing crisis in the 2010s, and of course COVID. The federal government has a $4 trillion annual tax income and $30 trillion of debt. There is also that $100 trillion promised to future retirees in retired federal employees, military retirees, and Social Security! All those were reasons to print more money and let someone else solve the problem years late. Well years later is – now. We need to either buckle down and pay the piper and/or kick back against excessive federal spending.

The federal spending issue brought back a comment years ago by retiring U.S. Senator Richard Shelby. He and I were discussing “things” one day and he said something like, “You know, everyone is against more government spending . . . except those dollars coming to them and/or their community.” We had never thought of it in those terms, but quickly realized he was right.

A couple of weeks ago a strong lightning storm came to Coffee County. We were still at the office and were at the cash register when a strong bolt of lightning hit “right near us.” It was so close that the fax machine lit up and kept trying to ring until we turned it off. Our thoughts were, “Oops, we have some machines destroyed,” but thank goodness everything survived! We did hear the next day that a local lady who was standing in her back yard got struck. Clearly it was not a direct hit, as she survived and was released from the hospital a couple of days later.  She said today (Tuesday) that she feels fine. Now folks, that would make us instantly think that God was sending us some sort of urgent message!!! 



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