Our e-mail ‘mailbox’ gets a workout every day! Occasionally there is something worth noting. As much as is in our in-box, Troy Cable has a system that sorts out a lot of the Spam stuff into a separate folder. Once in a while there is something in it that we pull back and review but mostly it is truly junk. In recent weeks we have been getting an increasing number of spam e-mails (we assume they are spam) with a tag line in foreign languages . . . . a few in Chinese or Japanese writing and others in German, Russian, etc. We remember enough of the German language that we want those to keep going to the spam folder . . . and assume the others are on the same subjects. Then on Monday morning there was one from Russia - no less – in English and wanting to discuss an antivirus upgrade for my computer!! Russians/Antivirus on an American’s computer – a laugh! We wonder aloud just why those in foreign countries think we don’t get enough junk without them adding theirs to the pot.

The much-delayed annual Elba car show is set to go and this time it promises to be even larger than usual. Mark July 11th on your calendar and meet your friends on the courthouse square. Precautions are being made for ‘social distancing’, etc.

Tear gas probably has been overused by law enforcement in controlling mobs, but we think it should still be part of their control tactics. We know firsthand the human reaction to this gas. During our early military training all those years ago, it was routine to put us in a room wearing a gas mask, filling the room with tear gas while we removed the mask and loudly recited our name, rank and serial number. Sure, it burned our eyes and our throat (if we gasped for air) but it was not lethal, nor as physically harmful as a gun could be. And we got over the discomfort by flushing our eyes with water . . . or just letting nature wash out the discomfort with our own tears. OH, and we will carefully avoid being part of any mob scene like it was the plague – or tear gas.

The trainer for Tiz the Law, the racehorse that won the Belmont Stakes Saturday afternoon, is 82 years old. Another reminder not to sell us members of the older generation short, ‘we ain’t quit thinking yet!’

Well the Navy did investigate the very unprofessional removal of Captain Brett Crozier as commanding officer of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. Of course they rallied and did the traditional thing . . . threw Crozier and his immediate superior under the bus to protect their own hides. They actually officially claimed he failed to take action when sailors on his ship started getting the coronavirus! This is the guy that was fired after he asked for help in stopping the spread of the bug. One rumor was they thought President Trump ‘might have’ wanted him fired! Now that is definitely a bunch of desk-manning career naval officers protecting their own secure positions! Our take on this matter is they should give command back to Crozier, promote him and all that accompanied by a plaque saluting him for standing up for the safety of the troops placed under his command.

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