Memorial Day has come and gone for another year. It seems this year there were more words and/or actions directed toward actually pausing to honor the memory of those who gave their life so that each of us can live in relative peace, and voice our opinions without fear of prison and/or death. Yeah, we know, America is going through a phase of violence and general unrest at every level, but our belief is that things will get better – in time. However, it will take participation by virtually every person in this country for it to work. Little things like a local citizen relating a recent incident when she and her husband experienced some unknown person paying for their meal at a restaurant. There are incidents of that happening every day, even at fast food drive thru windows. “Paying it forward” is a wonderful way for America to uphold the ideals these veterans gave their life to preserve.

Something has bothered us for years and we wonder just what we are missing on this issue. Law enforcement officers are called to the scene of a person talking about shooting himself/herself (usually a male). The law enforcement officer then kills the individual while admitting the person was not threatening anyone else but had his weapon pointed at his own brain. There are even mental experts who believe some of these folks are inviting the law enforcement folks to kill them (suicide by proxy). Whatever is happening, we don’t understand the thinking of the person who should be deescalating the situation actually shooting the individual “because he had a gun pointed as HIS OWN head.” No doubt opinions vary all across the board on this issue, but none we have heard meant to justify the shooting seem to fit. Yes, the officer stopped the suicide . . . . . but the person is just as dead, only by someone else’s hand. Reminds us of the remark that has been around for eons that is sort of a slap at the medical profession, “the operation was a success but the patient died.”

Texas officials are openly talking about charging an extra $200-$400 annual fee for electric vehicles to offset the loss of gasoline taxes. At first this struck us as – well unfair. Then it sank in that someone must pay for those roads to be paved and repaved because of the wear and tear of vehicles. Remember, the government has no money that it doesn’t take from its citizens. Electric co-ops charge a fee to people who have solar panels to generate their electric power reportedly to cover the cost of standby power. So it stands to reason that the politicians want the electric car user to pay his or her fair share of the road maintenance. Frankly we can’t disagree, however we are still a bit uneasy with the idea.

While thinking about the electric vehicles another thing is keeping us confused. What is the solution to all these electric vehicles predicted to be on the roads in a few years getting recharge power when a hurricane (or a massive Texas size freeze) hits and electric power is out for days and/or weeks? The only soluntion we have heard is to buy a standby portable generator . . . . powered by gas!

Enterprise native Katie Boyd Britt, President & CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, has officially resigned from her position with the Business Council as of June 4th. The former chief of staff for U S Senator Richard Shelby has been mentioned as a candidate for his replacement as he retires at the end of this term. The resignation notice only said she was “pursing other interests”  but our bet is that Katie will be a candidate for U. S. Senator . . . and one to beat.

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