The ‘January 6th Hearings’ begin tonight -Thursday - in Washington and on TV. How should Americans approach these hearings? With as little emotion as possible, journalist Bob Woodward (of Watergate fame) was quoted by CNN. “Be very, very careful and be as unemotional, frankly -- it’s difficult, but be as unemotional as possible here,” he said. In our opinion, very few watching those hearings can be unemotional. Opinions have long been formed and that is that.

These following words from a couple of years ago reflecting on the massive D Day landing in France, are attributed to then 93 year old Daniel W Gatlyn, USN Ret, of Georgia: “The longest day in history, June 6, 1944, would also be the ‘Last Day’ for multiplied thousands, for D-Day--Seventy Six Years ago, witnessed the largest single Military assault, and Casualty Count since Day One of planet earth. The startling facts reveal a carnage unparalleled for humanity. Thousands died, and millions cried; as body bags mounted on the Beaches of France.” It would be the “Longest Day” INDEED!!!! For the cause of Freedom, men and women from innumerable Nations would fall---never to breathe again. Was it just?  Was it worthwhile? Did it work as planned? Unthinkable questions will remain while archives shade the sepulchers of both the young and old. And answers will be long in coming! But this we know! Liberty does not come cheap. May we diligently count the Cost, the Cause, the Effect, and the Gain! And may we continue to pledge an unending support for the Warriors of Battle who perpetuate the fields of unrelenting Patriotism! 

This guy Elon Musk is listed as the richest man in the world and may be, but just the idea of that seems to have gone to his head and he enjoys making wild statements. Then if there is too much static from the public, he just issues a counter statement. Example: last week he talked of a drastic reduction in workers at the electric car company. The whole stock market dropped on that news. (Telsa stock went down 9%)! Now days later he is talking about hiring even MORE workers to build those electric cars. Musk’s financial success has definitely gone to his head . . . and that is dangerous.

Monkeypox has joined COVID-19 as a medical scare in the U. S. and around the world. So far there are only a few cases of the virus outside of Africa, but the ultimate number of infections is a big unknown. Experts say human-to-human transmission is rare, but not unheard of. Most cases reportedly come from contact with monkeys or rodents. There is however a stigma attached to monkeypox, as European experts are right now saying must human transmissions are reportedly between gay and bisexual men. About 5% of those who are infected, and untreated, will die. There are treatments (smallpox vaccine, etc.) but only if action is taken soon after infection. If this bug reaches epidemic status and a new preventive vaccine is in the works in the future, we will get in line, but reluctantly.

We have lost count on the exploding gun violence cases across the U. S. in recent days. It appears that no type gathering is immune to a shooting outbreak. It makes us wonder if some of the nuts out there wanting their few minutes of fame are walking around with a gun (day or night) just looking for a group of people to ‘shoot up’.

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