America is knocking down statues, changing the names of army bases, college buildings, etc. all in the name of political correctness. That has so excited folks that there are now critics of the American flag, Declaration of Independence, Statue of Liberty, Christopher Columbus, etc. Some are shooting holes in the memories of Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, George Washington – basically because they lived in another era in history. We read yesterday that a statue to the Indian woman who helped Lewis and Clark make that first trip across to the west coast is being taken down – why(?). The list goes on and on. Enough is enough!! We are proud of the American flag and recall the thrill the first time we saw the Statue of Liberty and can only imagine the pride and excitement of the early immigrants when approach-ing Ellis Island for the first time. This country was guided in the early days by Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and hundreds more you have read about in the history books plus the many who didn’t get their name in the book but helped carve a great country from the wilderness. Yes there are some black marks on things done way back then . . . . but also yesterday, and tomorrow. Lots of folks are avid recyclers, wanting to protect things for future generations. We can see that developing to the point a hundred years from now when someone finds a picture of an aluminum can in someone’s yard back in 2021, or they served in the military during the Vietnam War and gets a petition to remove their name from the tombstone in the cemetery! Sounds silly? Yes today it is, but think how our founding fathers would have reacted to some of the ‘stuff’ being batted around today and who knows what will be politically correct down the road.

We attended a family reunion last Saturday. The exact number escapes our brain but records show it has survived for something over 140 years. Last year it was attended by a handful of family members and this year was much better but far below normal. Society is still skittish about COVID, and justly so. 

A Monday night fire destroyed the local Chamber of Commerce building. The cause is unknown as this is being written on Tuesday, but whatever the cause the building is virtually destroyed, along with most of the contents.

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