Alabama newspaper managers Phil Sanguinetti of the Anniston Star, age 100 and Barrett Sheldon Jr. of the Decatur Daily, age 89 each died in the past week. Death is a part of life that we all must face, but observing some deaths impacts us as individuals more than others. We liked and admired both these gentlemen. Phil was very low key and managed from the background. His quiet voice was important in many, many meetings we each attended. He seemed awful weak (and left early, assisted by an aide) at the last Birmingham meeting we both attended. Barrett had a different personality and had a lifelong reputation for using his family newspaper to make positive impacts on the community and for the people of the Decatur area. We last saw Barrett when Heddy and I were on a cruise where Barrett and wife Tolly were our delightful assigned table mates for shipboard dinners. Barrett was still chaffing at the cost of hosting his three children and the grandchildren on a Mediterranean vacation the previous summer. Don’t worry, he didn’t miss any meals as a result of his moment of weakness in agreeing to the arrangement.

A 30-year-old Texas man who recently attended a “Covid party” died after being infected with the virus. Just before he died, he told his nurse: “I think I made a mistake. I thought this was a hoax, but it’s not.” Hopefully our friends and regular readers will not make the same mistake. Be safe, wear your mask and wash your hands . . regularly! Some of us will contract the highly contagious infection. It will be mild or ‘unnoticeable’ in some cases; in others it will be aggravating while a few will be extremely painful; then a small percentage will die as did the Texas man mentioned above.

33-year-old TV star of ‘Glee’, Naya Rivera was missing since her 4-year-old son Josey Dorsey was found last Wednesday in a pontoon boat alone on Lake Piru north of Los Angeles. Days later her body was found in a very deep part of the lake. The child told officials that his mother helped him back into the boat and when he looked around – she was gone. Of course, this child will forever miss his mother, but he will have a heartwarming story to tell his children and grandchildren. It is a story of a mother demonstrating a love for her son that far exceeded her own personal desire to live.

Our predictions of more clamp downs on “business as usual” in Alabama is a bit slow in happening, but with the number of COVID 19 cases continuing to increase, we don’t retract the prediction that it will happen, sooner if not later. California has retracted their re-openings due to the surge in new virus infections and Florida is moving in the same direction as their active cases balloon.

We dodged the bullet back in May when Heddy and yours truly both hugged a niece who stopped by the office to give us each some new masks to wear. We later learned that the allergies she was complaining about was . . . . yep ‘the virus’. She was later so sick that she called her two adult sons to tell them what to do ‘when she died’. Fortunately for her . . . AND US . . . it all ended on the positive side. We didn’t contact the bug and she survived and is going to be OK.

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