As mass shootings continue to dominate the headlines all across the U. S. we shudder to think about “where will the next one occur?” Then we stop our brain from considering that it could happen right here! That means our schools, businesses, or any other gathering of two or more people should include mental notes of what to do in such an event. Our survival plans will have to be flexible because none of us know how such a disaster will unfold. Should we run, play dead, fight back or . . . . . ? Personally, we try not to think about it but still have the thoughts in the back of our mind and keep saying “be alert, be alert” just as we watch in highway intersections for that driver that is ignoring a stop sign.

England is hot! In fact, they are experiencing historic high temperatures as the warnings of global warming are becoming a reality all across Europe. Of course the Western United States are experiencing some of the same heat waves, along with a long running and critical shortage of water. Climate ups and downs are to be expected but we are afraid this warming trend will get far worse before it gets any better . . . . like maybe for many years!

Monkeypox cases are up to over 1,800 in the US this week with 43 states and District of Columbia reporting cases. Monday there were two reported cases in Alabama, one in Mobile and another in the Birmingham area. Each of us should learn the symptoms for this virus and don’t hesitate to see our doctor if we are experiencing any of them. The monkeypox leads to the death of a fairly high percentage of those affected, but apparently it can be cured if aggressively treated early on.

Those of you who are excited about the Twitter/Elon Musk give and take should know that BOTH parties requested a delay in a deadline to begin a September scheduled court battle. This must mean they are working on a solution. Musk has been highly successful in several business ventures but could be described as a ‘loose cannon’ for many of his ideas. We might also remember that several of his business ventures are heavily subsidized by the taxpayers (like his electric cars, space ventures, and the California ultra-fast train tunnel boring project.

There are several electric powered scooters parked near the Elba Public Library. Our understanding is they are GPS equipped and the owner knows where they are at all times. It is self-service and we assume you pay via credit card. Also, if you use one, run out of programed minutes, etc., you can just walk away from it and the owner collects them at night, recharges the batteries and they are ready to go for another day. Pondering our possible use of them it was remembered that it has been some 75 years since we scooted around the neighborhood on one of those things and it is therefore best for us and our old bones to let others utilize them. We will keep walking (or using this high priced gasoline).

Be safe, wear your mask when appropriate, social distance, wash your hands AND get the shot(s) and/or boosters!

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