The Unemployment numbers in Alabama are down to 3.3%. Now that is not 3.3% of the whole adult population, but 3.3% of the active work force (or those wanting a job). This is good, but it also places some businesses in a bind because they can’t find trained, qualified people to fill their job slots.

Recently we scoffed at the political correctness in America that has everyone trying to come up with something to correct all these terrible names Americans have labeled things, erected statues too, etc. Lo and behold a few days later we found out more transgressions  . . . . Asian carp, gypsy ant, gypsy moth . . . . we are offending a bunch more folks and experts are actually trying to find something that will eliminate these horrible offending names. Why if Asian American, Chinese American, Japanese American, African American etc. are all preferred names to identify certain humans, is it incorrect and insulting to say Asian carp?? They originally came from Asia, according to the fish experts. Well, maybe that is why.

We have heard it all our life that young folks don’t listen to their elders (and we were personally guilty of this ourself many, many times). Well it even applies to listening to the President of the United States . . .  President Grover Cleveland once advised a youngster visiting the White House with his dad to never ever run for president of the United States. Well . . . . . Franklin D. Roosevelt was another kid who didn’t listen to advice from one who knew all the negatives of such a position. He went on to be elected to four terms in that office – twice as many times of any other person who has aspired to lead this country.

Jeff Bezos, the brains behind Amazon, took his ride into space Tuesday morning, and all went well. There is a bit of grumbling about him spending all those millions of Amazon profits on developing a spaceship. Of course it is his money so he should have the freedom to do as he pleases with it. Our grandchildren will  probably see some economic benefits from the things being developed by these ultrarich citizens, just as we have an alarming number of ‘things’ that were first developed for space travelers, paid for at taxpayer expense. If you are still offended, don’t buy from Amazon, Facebook, Tesla cars, etc. . . . . . spend your money with your local merchants (or buy Aunt Susie a subscription to your local newspaper)! That way those folks will not amass such fortunes – with your money!!!

COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire once again all across America and around the world. Most of the new cases are of the more catchable version of COVID. One bunch of experts wrote that it takes only a five or ten second exposure to this latest delta variant version of the virus for a person to catch the bug. Lots of the increase is to this new version but also to the almost complete lack of wearing masks, especially by non-shot takers. Of course Alabama sticks out like a sore thumb with our very large percentage of unvaccinated adults. That makes them an easy prey for the bug and a carrier to infect dozens of others.

Be safe, get the shots, wash your hands - again!

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