Boy, what you can find on the internet . . . . however, getting the truth is not always so easy! We have often heard that “If it can happen it will happen.” That holds true for sure in the Sahara Desert. A lone tree was famous as a key landmark for travelers (with 250 miles of open desert in every direction) but a drunk driver ran down the tree in 1973. We recall reading about that years ago in some magazine but a picture of the now destroyed straggly tree cropped up again this week on the internet.

Other things found in one spot on the internet that the writers say are probably not true include: The Greek poet Homer, author of The Iliad and The Odyssey, was not the original author, just the first to write it down. PLUS Homer may have been a blind woman OR maybe a group of Greek scholars. Also Helen of Troy, reportedly the most beautiful woman in the world, ‘probably’ didn’t exist. They think that she was a mythological character added to the Iliad.

Math majors will instantly know Pythagoras (you remember the Pythagoras Theorem). Well the internet debunks his existence as well, simply because they have no proof he wrote anything down. The lists goes on with doubts about the Bible characters Moses and also Jonah – who was swallowed by a big fish – (whale?). Muslims will bristle at the questions of Muhammad’s existence. But then they hit rock bottom with this country boy who grew up in the Methodist Church “as a believer” . . . . . . they were even attempting to discredit Jesus because of a lack of eyewitness accounts! There were a bunch more of these, including the Shakespeare doubters, but following the Jesus comment we clicked on the ‘close’ icon.

Why in the world are Alabama people (and residents of at least 10 or 12 other states) getting unsolicited packets of seed in the mail - often labeled as jewelry - all the way from China. Plus, there is a warning published this week from the Department of Agriculture “Do Not Open, contact the USDA and keep the seed packet until the feds give further instructions.” Our ears are open to hear what devious act those ‘mean ole enemies of the people’ have concealed in these seed packets.

Folks that ole COVID-19 virus is still around and it is running amok all across Coffee County, Alabama, the US and the world. We implore you to please, please be careful out there. Unfortunately, many people will still contact the virus, even with aggressive hand washing, masks, social distancing, etc., but not as many as would otherwise. Many companies are working to find a cure and/or preventive for this pandemic bug, but it isn’t here yet.

Local political races are always more interesting (and unusual) than the state and national races. This year is proving to be no different. In Elba there is only opposition in the Mayor’s race where three citizens are competing for the open seat. There is only one candidate in each of the five slots of the Elba City Council. Opp is promising to be a rerun of four years ago when a female unseated the incumbent mayor. Both are on the ballot again. No candidate qualified against the New Brockton mayor and they even have one council slot with no candidate. Enterprise has a nest of candidates running for mayor, including the incumbent. Races in Brundidge and Troy also promise some hot politicking before the August voting.

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