The U. S. Post Office historic peak of 787,538 employees in 2000 dropped to 495,941 on the payroll in 2020. That is a bit over a 37 percent drop from peak employment. We can probably attribute that to ‘computers’ doing lots of the sorting of mail. Of course when the mail goes astray the computer gets blamed for that as well. With this drastic drop in employees and their related salaries, it is hard to understand the continuing increase in postal fees, etc. We hear reports of reduced first class mail but predict that every rate increase is counterproductive because it further reduces first class mail volume. Then we see rural mail carriers leaving the post office in the morning with their vehicles crammed with parcels of merchandise postal patrons have ordered from mail order houses. Small towns like Elba only get one U. S. Postal delivery per day, but these parcel delivery firm’s trucks are coming and going all day! It is far over our head, but we do wonder why those parcels are shipped by the commercial delivery services, but actually delivered by the U. S. Post Office?? Maybe some adjustment of this system would go a long way with solving the money and other problems of the U. S. Postal Service.

It is hard to wrap our arms around the disastrous high rise condo collapse in South Florida last week. Just think – people went to bed for a good night’s sleep only to have their homes cave in around them with the vast majority being buried in the ruble and their bodies still not dug out. Then there is the other half of those in that high rise condo who survived without the collapse getting them but having to watch their condos demolished without them getting to salvage a single photograph, a change of clothes or other personal item for fear an additional collapse would catch them and cost them their lives. We also wonder if the survivors had (or could get) insurance coverage to cover such a disaster. One can only imagine the extreme jitters of thousands of residents of other high rise buildings, particularly those in the vicinity of this disaster, as they wonder if their building is the next to fall.

Politics are cranking up in Alabama for next year’s elections. Several have announced as candidates for the Governor’s office including incumbent Kay Ivey. Most experts are conceding the race to her but that has not stopped several folks from throwing their name in the hat. We have heard no formal announcement of anyone planning to run for the open Senate seat left by Jimmy Holley’s decision not to seek re-election after over 40 years in political office. However the rumor mill is full of the names of potential candidates. About the only one you can be sure is NOT a candidate will be yours truly!

Several months ago we admitted right here in this column of our fear, from the very beginning, that as president, Donald Trump would put this country so far in debt it could never dig out. He faced some unusual conditions during his administration and yes . . . America went deeper into debt. Now the U. S. has changed the guard in D.C. and yes . . . . . America has gone even deeper in debt, with more spending projected to come. There has to be some way to solve this country’s negative issues - and successfully - without throwing tons of money at them. Apparently the problem is to find these solutions and get enough Washington politicians on board to prove they work. But then the down side would probably be they couldn’t go back home and brag “this is how much money ‘I’ got for you!!”

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