Even Facebook can be entertaining at times. Last week an Elba native posted a picture on Facebook that many of our readers will understand. “Thank You Teachers! After School Supplies Sold Here!” It was in front of a liquor store.

The government’s move to forgive millions of dollars of student loan obligations has very few folks with no opinion on the action. Those who have struggled and repaid their loans have expressed mixed feelings about the action. Those who didn’t feel they could afford to go to college and just went to work have done some grumbling as well. Political types who oppose anything the Democrat administration does are very outspoken about the decision. We were amused after several national political types issued press releases and/or went on TV highly critical of the action but suddenly ran for cover after it was pointed out that they had profited heavily from the federal PPP program that gave ‘loans’ for small business to survive the pandemic and had those forgiven by this same government! Some of those forgiven loans bumped up near the one million dollar mark, far- far - far higher than any student loan! We understand the comments that many who didn’t get the student loans will be saddled with helping pay back the money through higher taxes, etc. the same can be said about the PPP loans. (Remember, the government has no money but what it gets from the taxpayers). We saw cases where students spent the college money going to the beach but also read about misuse of the PPP loans, and on a much larger scale.

Very few folks were up Monday morning at 4:30 when Elba Mayor Tom Maddox was down on the banks of Pea River loading that mess of trash pictured on the front page that a local group of citizens had picked up out of the river Sunday afternoon. This is not exactly in the mayor’s assigned duties nor job description, but it is not the first time we have caught him doing such and/or weeding a flower bed around the square. No mayor can please everyone, especially yours truly, but we surely don’t criticize Tom for this project! Much of what he picked up probably got washed into the river during one of our high-water incidents, but each of us can be a help by NOT disposing of our trash in or near the waterways.

Be safe, wear your mask when appropriate, social distance, wash your hands AND get the shot(s) and/or boosters!


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