A scary side effect of COVID-19 is a tendency to have an inflamed heart muscle. This can lead to death if not treated and is especially dangerous for athletics (read this again and slowly football fans).

Labor Day has passed for 2020 and the question now is “How much COVID-19 increase will America see following the holiday festivities?” There were definite spikes in new cases following the Memorial Day weekend and 4th of July celebrations. Hopefully more people have realized the dangers inherent with the added ‘mixing and mingling’.

Washington DC insiders are sounding the alarm that the feds are likely to NOT pass another coronavirus relief bill between now and election time. And, yes, it is largely political issues holding up an additional massive spending bill. The Democrats have their Christmas list and the Republicans (read that as Trump) have an additional Christmas list. We say Trump because the Democrat lawmakers are not negotiating with Republican lawmakers, but directly with the White House. Trump aides are pushing things the president has openly advocated for and opposing some things the Democrats want. The reverse is true coming from the Democrat lawmakers. Our position on all this government give-away stuff (that is just printed money, not real stuff like you must have when going to the store) is borrowed money and that the grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be paying a huge price for our various handout portions of these stimulus bills. None of us can deny that the extra dollars in the bank account have a ‘feel good’ effect but probably most of us would have survived without it.

We are also skeptical of this deal of not paying social security for three months. Right now that in itself just a loan to the worker who gets the extra 6.2% in the paycheck. Come January, that money will have to be paid back. Thus if you are struggling to get by today and that extra few dollars was some relief, you will really be hurting in January. That is doubly true if you got a ‘break’ and your landlord couldn’t kick you out for not paying your rent during the last several months. Now that short term relief is over and you owe this month’s rent plus all that back rent! Now that isn’t a whole lot of help in our simple mind.

The City of Elba is doing a good job of spraying for mosquitoes this summer. However, a few are escaping the spray machine. A couple of weeks ago one got into our house. Yours truly had just sat down on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee and a good book. Right there on our thumb an old mosquito lit. It was the hand holding the coffee- smoking and full to the brim! Now, we wanted to kill the rascal but also didn’t want to spill that delicious, but hot, coffee all over our leg and the sofa. He got away - for a while. In a few minutes he lit again in just about the same place ready for another blood sucking feast, except this time the coffee was on the little table beside our throne and he got swatted, not realizing that the pages of that book would not spill! The rest of our evening went very well thank you!

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