We should never let our brain, nor our friends, imply that we know and have seen it all. This past weekend is case in point . . . there was a shooting in Pennsylvania, and three young adults were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Law officers reported there was apparently an argument over the gifts at a baby shower! Now you must explain to us what motivated, even the slightest argument over baby shower gifts, but do it slowly, as the idea of such an event ever occurring just doesn’t click very well in our brain.

Daylight Savings Time officially ends for this year at 2 a.m. Sunday, November 7th. The game plan is for us to reset our clocks before going to bed Saturday night and get up the next morning when the clock indicates it is ‘get up time.’ Sounds easy, but twice a year this action confuses our sleep cycle and us old folks don’t need any more things to interrupt our beloved naps! A month or so later the time change becomes the norm – until the next clock change comes along. You can’t fight it, so just let your clock ‘fall back’ one hour Saturday night. Oh, you can blame Ben Franklin for this exercise in confusion. He started it in 1784 with what he later described as a tongue-in-cheek ‘letter to the editor’ of a French newspaper to fine residents who had their candles lit after a certain time at night! Anyway, it really caught on during the two world wars as a (questionable) wartime energy saver. 

Well this month the American citizens have broken another record. The death toll from COVID has surpassed that of the flu epidemic of 1918-19! That virus felled about 675,000 over the course of its rampage. Now we break that record number, even with a protective shot available . . . but so many so-called normal citizens contend – taking that shot might invade on someone’s freedom (as if lying in a hospital bed plugged up to a machine does not curtail someone’s freedom). 

As a child our greatest fear was polio – that was an ongoing danger, but seemed most active in the summer. Mothers always cautioned “be careful and don’t get polio (even though they had no idea ‘how to be that careful).” If our memory serves us at all, the first vaccine against polio was a shot and we got the shot. Later it was available on a sugar cube – we got that also. Of course, that last one was in the Army back when troops were lined up shirtless, walked down a line with shots going into each arm. We knew to NOT stop walking or there might be a couple of extra shots in the arm!! No need to ask what that shot was ‘for’, it was ‘for’ the 1st Sgt. said so! Bottom line is that polio, smallpox, flu, measles, etc. are rare and not at pandemic proportions now, thanks to the miracle of vaccines.

Be safe, wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands AND get the shot(s)!

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