LAST THURSDAY MORNING . . . The number of confirmed virus deaths in the U.S. had surpassed 100,000. That is just a small portion of the 1.7 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus in America. The United States has had 28 percent of global deaths despite having only 4 percent of the world’s population. Alabama’s cases jumped to 18,246 this week, with a third of those cases (or 5,609) since the state relaxed restrictions. Health officials think the jump in cases is likely because of both increased testing and increased spread of the virus. The good news is that medical reports indicate 9,355 Alabama citizens are presumed to have recovered from the virus.

Those illness numbers above are disturbing but frankly not as disturbing as hearing of deaths from the virus right here in Elba, Ala. As we noted a couple of weeks ago, it hits home when you actually know someone with the virus. Even though deaths are a very small percentage of those struck with the bug, it shocks us even more when it is locals who are being added to the ever-growing death stats list. After talking with someone who worked closely with the person, or observed how this person led an inspiring life, then you are quickly back to that embarrassing question, “Why him/her Lord?”

We agree with the U. S. Supreme Court’s rejection of the California church that claimed the strict rules imposed by states, particularly California, to curtail the spread the coronavirus were illegal. In a 5 to 4 decision the Court supported the ban on gatherings, including churches. The court decision centered around balancing the public health crisis and the constitutional protection of religious freedom.

July 14th is the new date for the previously postponed 2020 Primary Run-Off Election in Alabama. There are only three (3) contested (Republican) races on the ballot. Two are statewide races and the third is a District 2 Representative race. They are a U S Senate seat, U. S. Representative seat for Alabama District 2, and a Court of Criminal Appeals seat. None of the six candidates seeking the nomination in the three mentioned races is doing any advertising, as far as we can see. Maybe their polling shows the voters have formed concrete opinions on who they will be voting for and the battle is over.

The national news media is quoting a person who responded to the rioting across America with this comment: “That’s not going to bring my brother back.” The comment was not from a politician, a journalist nor a white person who doesn’t understand the issues. It was from the late George Floyd’s brother, Terence, responding to rioting and looting that continues to take place in many cities and states. Folks we agree with this grieving brother. There are issues that are long overdue a solution but rioting, destroying property, including their own neighborhood stores, will never solve those issues. Solutions will only come when ALL segments of society sit down and work the kinks out of our everyday life and move forward united in our beliefs and actions.

Be Safe friends . . . wear your face mask and WASH YOUR HANDS . . . . . this thing is not over yet!

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