As a lifelong member of the Methodist Church, we were a bit shocked late last week with the announcement that the Church was seriously considering a split of the organization. What actually happened was a group of 16 bishops and other Church leaders met and announced their idea for the future (or end) of the United Methodist Church. Such things make great headlines in the news, until you read the fine print and find it is not the Church speaking, only a self-appointed group of members. That is like 16 folks in Elba deciding it is best for the United States capitol to be moved to Chicago or somewhere in California. There would be some who supported such a move but getting it done is another thing. The root issue within the Methodist Church is how to officially handle inclusion (or not) of LGBTQ persons. There are strong feelings on all sides of this matter . . . with many of the debaters forgetting their Christianity when discussing the issues involved. Oh, and they all quote some passage or another from the Bible to ‘prove’ their point. Our personal feeling is this can be handled without literally dividing into two different churches. To be more direct . . . . we are offended that so-called dedicated “leaders” of the denomination would even consider such a proposal. It is a cop out! Dividing any organization only makes both groups weaker than when all members are marching in the same parade. Now a much harsher comment – “we suggest that these 16 get on their knees and discuss this matter - with God and ‘Pray Without Ceasing’”.

We are clueless as just who is the mythical leading candidate for the open seat for Alabama’s 2nd District Congressional seat in the U. S. House of Representatives. However, candidate Jeff Coleman’s name is being mentioned more and more. Now he has received the endorsement of the Alabama Farmer’s Federation’s political arm, FarmPAC. That is not tantamount to election, but it has got to help his cause. We thought it was catchy when he included in a recent TV ad that he would help Donald Trump’s cause with illegal immigrants by using his trucking firm’s tractors and trailers to haul the illegal folks back to Mexico. Now that will not happen, but it kept folks talking.

Coffee County has a candidate in that race also. Former State Representative Barry Moore and his wife have done several very folksy videos. It was also surprising when he announced he was the ONLY military veteran in the race! We are accustomed to often being the youngest veteran (at 81) in groups at church, etc., so this should not have surprised us, but it did. Having served in the military didn’t automatically make either of us a qualified candidate for public office but it does establish a bond that could never exist between either of us and that draft dodger down the street. The same could be adapted to the FarmPAC endorsement. Farmers will not blindly follow the endorsements from their political advisors, but it is better to have this endorsement as a recommendation than someone else have it.

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