“Interview the banks, don’t let them interview you”. That was the headline on an article that popped up on our computer screen Monday morning. Bankers, don’t worry, we didn’t read any further than the glaring headline so keep on asking us why we want the money. Us ‘grunts’ on the street have come to expect that question and probably have practiced (and honed) our answer for days, if not weeks.

An appointed state school board amendment will be on an upcoming ballot in Alabama, replacing the present elected board members. There are pros and cons for this change. Granted, the elected board presently in place has made some mistakes in recent years, but the same can be said for appointed boards in any field, including education. We recall a ‘coffee shop’ discussion of several years ago when some of our peers were advocating for an elected local board of education because of some decision by the appointed board members that they didn’t like. We reminded them that just a few days earlier they were even more upset with the elected city government officials and that group was the results of popular elections. The bottom line is that there is no guarantee that either method will result in decisions that are always correct or please each of us. We urge our readers to read up on this issue between now and next March (2020) when the decision to change the constitution will be at the mercy of the voters . . . and we hope it is by informed voters. The Governor and a number of other high-powered state officials are for the change and we can expect them to step forward and encourage Alabama voters to also support the change.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is under fire and taking some bit of embarrassment over charges of misuse of donations, etc. Since there is no NRA membership card in our pocket, this is not our problem to solve. We suspect they will survive this blemish on their record, much as other groups have done over the years. With weak (or desperate) humans handling the affairs of various groups we are bound to have someone take a couple of missteps, or down right steal. It can, and has, happened from the highest church in the land to the bootlegger down in the branch-head who waters down his white lightening corn liquor.

The 4-lane work on U.S. 84 and the Elba 203 Bypass continues, much to the frustrations of area drivers and vacationers passing though as well. Those of you that we have heard sharing our emotions over the confusing traffic patterns on the Bypass should put yourself in the place of those traveling though Elba. They really have no clue of which way to turn (or not turn). There is however a light at the end of the tunnel and the day will come when Elba drivers can breeze right through the all-new turns, stops and zigzags without a moment’s hesitation.

Happy Father’s Day y’all.

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