Elba canceled the advertisement for Code Enforcement Officer applicants after only one week due to an abundance of well-qualified applicants. This means that either this is a great opportunity to work with the City of Elba OR Elba Clipper advertising is great and very, very effective. Acknowledging we are bit biased; our thoughts are that it is the great (and positive) impact from Elba Clipper advertising!!

Important information you probably didn’t know. It seems there is a Waffle House on every corner of the world . . . . well in the southern United States anyway. Actually, the fast food restaurants are located in 2100 places, mostly in the South and all in the United States. They are gradually moving to the North and West, but New York is still out in the cold, as is California. As most of us already know, they are open around the clock 365 days a year. Alabama has 154 locations but is in fifth place behind 381 in Georgia, 182 in North Carolina, 173 in Florida and 169 in South Carolina. Well known IHOP has ‘only’ 1822 of their pancake restaurants, but some of them are in foreign countries. IHOP is not open 24 hours a day, just from 7 a.m. until late night, and they are all closed by midnight. Now you are much better informed on an important aspect of American culture. . . . eating!

Today is July 4th and the day we celebrate America’s independence from Britain. We are proud to be an American and to be enjoying the many benefits so many seem to take for granted . . . . . or worse . . . . as their God given rights. The country and the thinking of its citizens has changed over the years, even in our lifetime. Changes will continue and our concern is that many may not be for the betterment of society as we knew it 60/70 years ago or even as it is today. We urge our citizens to select leaders who will defend our heritage, our way of life and our great country and then openly support them in their efforts in that direction. John F. Kennedy noted that ‘change is the law of life’. We need to be sure the changes are positive.

We attended an annual high school class reunion last Friday. It is an initial shock every year to look at the growing list of classmates who have died, but a pause to think a bit will remind us that the list does get longer each year. From these thoughts we get the urge to remind our readers to not postpone visiting with old friends and relatives . . . . tomorrow may be too late. Just last year we were told of something a fellow classmate had done for us, way back in high school. She was always known for her kind heart and wiliness to help, but this was personal, and we are a bit embarrassed for maybe being to self-centered to notice what she did. Alas, it was too late to thank her, because this former school teacher’s name is on the list of deceased folks. 

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